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Top Hollywood Post-Production House, Unbreakable Post Inc., Signs with EKC PR

Top Hollywood Post-Production House, Unbreakable Post Inc., Signs with EKC … read on


Eileen Koch
Headquartered in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills, CA, EKC PR is a full-service Branding, Digital Marketing, and Public Relations firm with an unparalleled 31-year history of successful and sophisticated campaigns.

Under the steadfast direction of founder Eileen Koch, the careers of an amalgam of clients (ranging from entertainment, fashion, beauty, athletes, restaurants, corporations, health/fitness, medical professionals, music, modeling and more), have been ignited! International in scope, but personal in nature, EKC PR is among the most respected publicity/marketing/branding companies operating in Southern California today.

EKC PR’s innovative methods result in increased public awareness that impact a client’s bottom line. Staff’s backgrounds include PR & marketing, brand management, social media, the arts, and journalism. Their combined contributions to EKC PR’s client roster create an array of opportunities for individual campaigns, bringing forth completely distinctive strategies.

Though our task is complex, our approach is simple: we listen, study and analyze, while thinking creatively and strategically. The result is always the same – we exceed expectation!

For 31 years, EKC PR has been at the forefront of the publicity, branding, and marketing industries with innovative and impactful campaigns that have been highly lucrative for its clients and have set trends in promotional strategies worldwide. EKC PR’s wins involve entertainment superstars, top athletes, fine restaurants, household-name companies, one U.S. president, visionary entrepreneurs, and celebrity doctors and stylists.

Behind the powerhouse the Boutique PR Firm based in Los Angeles is Eileen Koch, a business and publicity thought leader with a profound story that galvanized her into achieving success. “I was a professional dancer with a very promising career and then found myself a single mom who had to figure out a way to survive,” the LA-based Eileen reveals. “I always say the world of PR found me.”

With tenacity, charm, style and razor sharp business skills, Eileen inadvertently found herself building a PR empire one client at a time. “I remember being in deep financial trouble and walking into every beautiful store in Beverly Hills with my young daughter and giving my business card to attract more clientele,” Eileen says candidly.

One early coup was celebrity hairdresser Cristophe known for cutting President Bill Clinton’s hair in Air Force One as it sat on the tarmac at LAX. Another career-making moment was discovering and managing Ukrainian beauty Milla Jovovich then only 10 years old, propelling her from obscurity into a top model and actress virtually overnight. A third is designer Lorena Sarbu, whose celebrity and fashion career were first nurtured at EKC PR. From these dynamic beginnings, Eileen built a company with diverse PR capabilities and cross industry clout that could strategize target-specific campaigns for clients ranging from business professionals to Hollywood heavyweights.

EKC PR is unique from other firms in that every client works directly with Eileen, though she calls on her accomplished and diversely talented staff selectively to support the specific needs of each client. “I keep a boutique company deliberately. When clients hire me, they get me,” she says.

Another profound distinguishing factor in EKC PR’s effectiveness is Eileen’s background in celebrity management. In the entertainment industry, management is a 24/7 role that encompasses being a sage and a business partner. “Clients hire me for PR, but I always throw in my managerial skillset—everyone needs some caring and nourishment. I have the passion and talents, and I don’t mind working the extra hours,” Eileen says.

Eileen’s story opens with humble origins in the Bronx, New York and gains momentum when at 16 she moved with her family to balmy Los Angeles. There, enamored with Hollywood’s pageantry and wealth of opportunities, she dove into the entertainment industry with passion and zeal. At this time, she keenly sensed her gifts as a dancer—wonderfully prefiguring her talent scout capabilities—and was validated on many levels when a prominent LA dance teacher not only agreed with her assessment, but also said if she put in a year’s solid hard work she could go pro. Diligent and determined, Eileen soon rose the ranks as a gifted jazz, rock and ballet dancer, working alongside some of the biggest names in theater and television as a teen and young adult before she had to reassess her future.

Looking back on her journey, Eileen offers an intriguing perspective. “What’s been the most meaningful thing for me is raising my daughter and saving her from a tough life,” she says. “That was the motivation behind everything I did. From a difficult situation came a businesswoman. I didn’t have people pitching in to back my business. I created this on my own to provide security and a beautiful home for my child. I made something happen. Like I always say, PR found me.


At EKC PR, you are not a number. Unlike overextended, impersonal firms, we are a specialty firm who carefully manages our client flow so that we can fully devote our time and energy to every person we represent. 

And so does our team…

Eileen Koch engages only the most ingenious, imaginative and innovative talent to assist her. Her clients receive the highest quality service from a team that is fresh, experienced and well-versed.

We’re Qualified…

Eileen’s wide range of professional experience enables her to promote with a rare combination of business savvy, personal knowledge and hands-on interest. This makes all the difference. Our unique range of experience and expertise coerces our campaigns  to become more accessible to our target audiences and more effective for our clients.

We’re Ambitious…

Unlike other agencies of our size, EKC PR actively seeks undiscovered talent. We do this because, like our clients, we are always growing. With a distinguished record of building celebrities from the ground up, EKC PR has the ability to create new perspectives on new names. We bring to our clients the recognition they deserve.

While growing or maintaining a brand, business or entertainment career, it is imperative to have an established PR firm behind you, also incorporating creative Branding and Marketing.

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Headquartered out of Los Angeles & Beverly Hills, CA, EKC PR is a full-service Publicist, Branding, Digital Marketing and Public Relations firm. When developing your plan, EKC PR assures optimal exposure and recognition with its services: Publicity, Brand Development, Marketing, Advertising, Product Placement, Media Relations, Photo Shoots / Electronic Press Kit Design, Crisis & Reputation Management, Sports, Product Launches, Television, Management, Consultation, Music, Hollywood Talent, Red Carpet / Special Events, plus much more.

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