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Dances With Films Festival Premieres “The Other Side of Things” on Sunday, June 12th at TCL Chinese Theatre

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All Points North Lodge Announces In-House Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Powered by NexGen Hyperbaric


Los Angeles, CA, August 18, 2020 / PRNewswire / — Colorado-based wellness and treatment campus, All Points North Lodge (APN Lodge), has just expanded their extensive list of treatment options to include in-house Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT), in collaboration with NexGen Hyperbaric and the Center for Wound Healing and Hyperbaric Medicine


Working as a simple, non-invasive therapy, HBOT boosts the natural healing process by providing 100% oxygen intake in an enclosed chamber that’s pressure is 3x that of the atmospheric norm. With inhalation of pure oxygen, the lungs can capture nearly three times more oxygen than normal and push that extra oxygen to tissues throughout the body.

Adequate amounts of oxygen are critical to tissue health and function. HBOT increases the amount of oxygen available in the blood so injured tissues and blood vessels can heal more quickly. This increase of oxygen simultaneously enables the body’s defense system to better fight infections and kill bacteria, minimize injury, and stimulate angiogenesis – the forming of new blood vessels for increased blood flow.

Due to these extraordinary benefits, HBOT is FDA approved to help treat 13 different indications. Preliminary studies suggest HBOT can also help prevent long-term mental health disorders, including depression following a stroke or concussion, as well as aid in the treatment of PTSD.

Furthermore, a variety of studies have shown that HBOT can be especially helpful at treating traumatic brain injury, PTSD, sports-related injuries, chronic infections (i.e., Lyme disease), and pain.

“APN Lodge is thrilled to add HBOT to its list of divergent methods, helping revolutionize the treatment and recovery process,” says Noah Nordheimer, CEO of APN Lodge.

With NexGen Hyperbaric and the Center for Wound Healing and Hyperbaric Medicine’s remarkable experience managing HBOT centers across the country, including APN Lodge’s on-site hyperbaric chamber, clientele can rest assured that they will be in the hands of experts.

If you are interested in HBOT, please call APN Lodge for a free consultation at 855.865.1571.

To interview an APN Lodge medical expert, contact EKC PR at 310.441.1000 or email


About APN Lodge:

Nestled in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains, APN Lodge is unlike any other treatment center in the world.

The luxury facility is committed to being a comprehensive resource for those struggling with addiction, mental health, and trauma. As a hub for multidisciplinary experts, modalities, amenities, activities, and health services, the APN team is dedicated to providing the highest quality experience and greatest possible outcomes under one roof.

With a resort-style campus summiting new heights of personal development and human performance, APN Lodge boasts custom-curated self-growth programs, state-of-the-art technology, leading health professionals, and community-building ideals, all within stunning accommodations.



Eileen Koch and her Boutique Powerhouse Public Relations, Marketing and Branding Firm, EKC PR, Celebrates their Most Successful Campaign Yet: 

30 Years of Resonance and Relevance!

LOS ANGELESJan. 8, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — In 1990, Eileen Koch  a single mother and former professional dancer, began a national publicity campaign for a beloved restaurant in Los Angeles called Stellini’s. This was client number one for her brand new publicity firm, headquartered right out of her living room. Just a few short years later, Eileen’s career skyrocketed, literally, when her then client—iconic Beverly Hills hairdresser Cristophe was called in to style President Clinton’s hair on-board Air Force One, parked on the tarmac of LAX Airport. 

Now, 30 years later, Eileen and her company, EKC PR , have gone on to be evergreens and trendsetters in the wilds of the ever-changing and always-fickle public relations industry. Headquartered in the Beverly Hills triangle, EKC PR has firmly developed itself as one the industry’s top full-service branding, digital marketing, and public relations companies today, showcasing a full staff and a bustling list of world class clients.

“My team and I still have all the passion, gratitude, and hunger to continue to grow clients’ careers,” Eileen enthuses. “Even after 30 years, I truly feel like this is just the beginning of what we can offer.”

EKC’s tally of wins over three decades includes campaigns for superstar entertainers, world-famous models, top athletes, fashion icons, clothing stores, fine restaurants, household-name companies, visionary entrepreneurs, celebrity doctors, stylists, and numerous others.

“I have learned so much over the years, not just about business, but about people. Their loves, desires, and dreams are left up to us,” Eileen shares. “PR goes deep in many ways, but one is that as a publicist, I know that I have people’s careers in my hands and that is never to be taken lightly.”

Considered, and by choice, a boutique firm, those who hire EKC PR work directly with Eileen, whereas many other public relation companies don’t offer clients direct contact with the leader. Though EKC PR has grown to include a staff of spark plug publicists and creators in social media, videography, photography, and design, Eileen is always involved and available to address the specific needs of each and every client.

Having emerged a thought leader in the realm of PR, Eileen’s bold strategies, steely determination, business acumen and a professional swagger have made her “one to watch” in this field.

In addition, her personal story of transitioning from a promising career in the arts to the harsh realities of being a single mom still continue to inspire other enterprising female entrepreneurs. With her legacy assured, Eileen Koch celebrates 30 years looking ahead. For her, PR has been something of a predestined love affair that continues to grow stronger with every year. That sentiment is evident in Eileen’s signature quote: “The world of PR found me.”



Firebrand and Fashionable Native American Activist, RUNNINGBEAR, Unites GUCCI and Project Angel Food for an Intimate Shopping Experience 

The private fundraising event will be held at Chateau Marmont on December 12, with a public offering available at Gucci on Rodeo from December 13–15

LOS ANGELES, CA, December 11, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Tomorrow, Thursday, December 12 from 6-8pm at Chateau Marmont, the worlds of style and sustenance will come together during a private fundraising event with Project Angel Food and the iconic fashion house, Gucci

The person responsible for bringing together these two unlikely brands is Runningbear, a young activist and philanthropist who is shaking things up with his chic style, exceptional charisma, and steely determination to positively affect change. 

Runningbear was recently interviewed by renowned entertainment website Young Hollywood, where he spoke about his life growing up on an Indian reservation as part of the San Manuel Tribe. It was this unparalleled upbringing that’s formulated Runningbear’s compassionate soul.

Today, he mixes humanitarianism work with his affection for fashion and can boast that he sits on Project Angel Food’s board half of his time, while spending the other as a fashion consultant for Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Fendi. Consequently, Runningbear is always discovering collaborative opportunities for the businesses he’s involved with. 

“I’m thrilled to announce that Project Angel Food is now collaborating with Gucci to curate a pop-up suite at the Chateau Marmont,” says Runningbear. “I’ll be hosting this event where attendees can buy from a selection of Gucci merchandise handpicked by myself and the Gucci team, with 10% of purchases benefiting my new pilot program at Project Angel Food.”

Runningbear is referring to the recent launch of his Native American Diabetes Pilot Program, which provides medically tailored meals and nutrition counseling for Native Americans living with diabetes in Los Angeles County. The program is made possible by a multi-year partnership grant from Runningbear and his San Manuel Band of Mission Indian family.

Although the December 12th event is only open to friends and Project Angel Food’s major donors, the general public will still have a chance to contribute!

From December 13–15, customers who mention “Project Angel Food” while purchasing goods at the Gucci store on Rodeo in Beverly Hills will automatically donate 10% to the fabulous cause.

To interview Runningbear, contact EKC PR, a full-service Branding, Digital Marketing, and Public Relations firm at 310-441-1000 or email


Opulent Living & Travel Brand, Snob World, by Cole Moscatel & Kelsea Moscatel, Announces Upcoming VIP Launch Party

The IT party of fall 2019!

LOS ANGELES, August 28, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Snob World, a luxury lifestyle and travel brand, created by opulent jet-setters Cole Moscatel and Kelsea Moscatel, has announced that they will be hosting an exclusive VIP party in Los Angeles this November to celebrate the official launch of Snob World. This show-stopping night will be the talk of the town, as the party will gear up for the brand’s worldwide take-over in 2020!  

The elite destination for all things extravagant is set to explode in a major way during the new year, and is on course to put Cole and Kelsea at the forefront of up-and-coming socialites and key influencers. The star-studded event will heighten their status as travel and lux-living connoisseurs.

“We are beyond excited to host this launch party, as it will signify that Snob World is finally our true reality,” says Kelsea Moscatel. “In celebration of the brand, which is a replication of my husband and I’s lifestyle, we have to commemorate its official inauguration in the most exciting and lavish way possible.” 

Amongst celebrities, state-of-the-art decor, and world-class performers, Snob World also has plans to offer special passes for their most loyal followers to attend this prestigious and private affair.

“Kelsea and I have put a lot of work into creating this brand for others to enjoy and we’re elated to be able to share all of what Snob World represents — only the finest in everything — with many people at the launch party,” explains Cole Moscatel.

Developing Snob World has been a long process for the power couple, as the site not only offers photos/videos/blogs/travel tips etc., but it is also a soon-to-be-opened online store that will sell high-quality travel accessories and more, designed exclusively by the Moscatels. 

Follow Snob World on Instagram as full details on the launch party’s location, date, and special passes will be announced soon!


Snob World — @snob_world

Cole — @colemoscatel

Kelsea — @iamthesnob


For more information on Snob World or to interview the Moscatels, contact EKC PR at 310-441-1000 or email



Snob World is a luxurious travel, lifestyle blog, and store, offering direct access inside the lives of its founders, married jet-setters Cole and Kelsea Moscatel. It’s a prime source for those who aspire to live an opulent life.



The story of the star-crossed friendship between NASCAR’s perennial underdog Michael Waltrip and icon Dale Earnhardt Sr. gets special treatment with a music video performed by Bobby Capps of legendary rock band 38 Special, accompanied by band members from 3 Doors Down

LOS ANGELES, August 22, 2019 / — Adding to the excitement of the upcoming theatrical launch of the feature documentary Blink of an Eye, which races into theaters on September 12, is the release of the film’s official music video featuring its title track, “In the Blink of an Eye”.

Sung by Bobby Capps from the iconic rock band 38 Special, with featured musicians from 3 Doors Down, “In the Blink of an Eye” was composed and produced by Mitch Covington, Vice President of Sports Marketing at Monster Energy, and producer of the film itself. 

Under the VEVO wing, the music video now lives on the 38 Special VEVO YouTube channel here, and was directed by the film’s own director, multi Emmy-winner Paul Taublieb.

Long admired as a top action and sports filmmaker, Paul’s signature style manifests beautifully, in this case showcasing piercing close-up shots of Bobby Capps and 3 Doors Down in the studio, vigorously interwoven between scenes from the film. Just like the song’s lyrics, the video brings “feelings of heartache and pain,” back to that fateful day in 2001 when the world lost Dale Earnhardt Sr., aka “The Man in Black”.

“This story is considered by many to be the greatest sports story never told,” said Paul Taublieb. “‘In the Blink of an Eye’ captures the essence of the film about how life can change, literally, ‘in the blink of an eye’”.

And “in the blink of an eye” is exactly what NASCAR journeyman Michael Waltrip discovered after being given the chance to break a record-setting 462-race losing streak by his best friend, the legendary Dale Earnhardt Sr. Rather than go for the win himself, triumph of victory turned to tragedy in an instant when Earnhardt was killed on the last lap, while helping Michael take first prize. Ultimately it was kindness that cost Earnhardt his life.

“The song perfectly captures my tragic experience all those years ago,” Michael Waltrip stated. “Going from the highest of highs to the lowest of lows, all in an instant. It’s truly an amazing song and tailor-made for the film.”

Since its debut this week, the song’s music video has been receiving much love, and has continually been shared by celebrities including Britney Spears, who on her Twitter page linked back to the video and wrote, “Can’t wait to see this movie. Congrats to everyone involved!” Other celebrity fans who’ve shared the video with their millions of social media followers include former NFL star Rob “Gronk” Gronkowski, BMX athletes Larry Edgar, Pat Casey, Kyle Baldock and Connor Fields, Motocross icon Brian Deega, and Mountain Biker Pros Ethan Nell, Sam Hill, Troy Brosnan, and Zink.

But it is the man himself, Bobby Capps, who has sung the song with such bewitching angst, driving home the legacy of Dale Earnhardt Sr., “I’m honored to have a small part in saluting the heroes of a sport so dear to my heart,” Capps explained. “Sundays on my band’s tour bus are filled with the sights and sounds of NASCAR and Michael Waltrip’s one of a kind untold story should be an inspiration to all!”

Mitch Covington expressed his gratitude by saying, “Bobby Capps of 38 Special and members of 3 Doors Down have truly done my music justice, and I cannot thank them enough!” 

Blink of an Eye is produced by TAUBLIEB Films, NASCAR and Monster Energy, and features interviews with Michael Waltrip, Dale Earnhardt Jr., Ty Norris (former President of Dale Earnhardt, Inc.), and NASCAR Hall of Famers Richard Petty, Richard Childress, and Michael’s brother, Darrell Waltrip.

The film will be released into theaters on September 12, 2019. To purchase advanced movie tickets, visit here

Be sure to check out the trailer for Blink of an Eye and watch the music video for “In the Blink of An Eye”.

For further information about Blink of an Eye, or to interview Paul Taublieb and Mitch Covington, contact EKC PR, a full-service Branding, Marketing and Public Relations firm at 310-441-1000 or email  and


Luxury-Living Online Platform, Snob World, by Cole Moscatel & Kelsea Moscatel, Announce New Exclusive Travel Products

Snob World official merchandise is on the way!

LOS ANGELES, August 21, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Snob World, a luxury lifestyle and travel brand started by opulent jet-setters of the finest order, young married couple Cole Moscatel and Kelsea Moscatel, has just announced this morning the first two accessory items to be released as part of the Snob World Collection – luxury luggage tags and passport covers! The new additions will coincide with their upcoming high-end exclusive baby luggage line, Little Snobs.

“These luggage tags and passport covers will be so unique and well crafted that you will not find them anywhere else on the market,” boasts Cole Moscatel. “Kelsea and I have spent months creating and perfecting these pieces to ensure the products maintain the highest quality possible.”

Snob World’s merchandise is guaranteed to be assembled using the finest genuine leathers, while still staying affordable. Furthermore, Cole and Kelsea are working vigorously to develop additional Snob World Collection items to make leaving home as chic and as easy as possible. Details on these other pieces in the collection will be published in the near future, while the release date for the passport covers and luggage tags will be announced soon.

“We want to give our loyal followers something tangible so they could convey their support and actually travel like a snob,” Kelsea Moscatel said with a smile. “I personally believe that accessories are key, and so we are putting a lot of attention to detail on these types of items.” 

So whether you’re a travel connoisseur or a first-timer, Snob World merchandise will definitely have you feeling like you’re part of the exclusive elite. Hop aboard and enjoy the ride! Bon Voyage!



Snob World — @snob_world

Cole Moscatel — @colemoscatel

Kelsea Moscatel — @iamthesnob


Fore more information on Snob World or to interview the Moscatels, please contact EKC PR at 310-441-1000 or email



Creating a difference by building an ingenious brand that enriches lives around the globe, Snob World is a luxurious travel, lifestyle blog, and soon to be store, making it a prime source for those who urge to live an opulent life.

Snob World offers direct access inside Cole and Kelsea’s high-end travels where they highlight the coolest and most lavish hotels, restaurants, fashion, family travel tips, and more!


Travel Like “Little Snobs”: Luxury-Living Online Platform, Snob World, by Cole Moscatel & Kelsea Moscatel, Announce Luxe Baby & Kids Travel Line

The Luxurious Travel Experts and Proud Parents Announce Innovative Functional & Chic Baby Travel Bags

 LOS ANGELES, August 14, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Cole Moscatel and his wife Kelsea Moscatel of upscale, travel and lifestyle platform Snob World are avid world travelers and parents of an adorable toddler, Zayden. Well-versed and experienced to jet-setting with a little one in tow, Snob World’s latest venture is to launch a high-end, chic, durable, and eco-friendly line of baby & kids luggage under the subdivision, Little Snobs.

As parents know, traveling with a young child means checking off a list of items to bring (e.g. diapers, bottles, food, clothes, toys, etc.). Cole and Kelsea understand how important a good baby travel bag is to house everything and at the same time be lightweight, easy to maneuver, and of course, stylish! Their version will be designed to have more components than a typical diaper bag and will offer moms and dads a travel accessory unlike any other on the market.

“Cole and I have gone through many diaper and baby travel bags, and have yet to find THE one,” says Kelsea. “They’re either very spacious but look unattractive, or they’re fashionable but missing the capacity and functionality for our necessities. To meet our requirements, we were inspired to make our own baby bags, and then eventually we’ll be releasing charming children’s luggage pieces.”

The ultimate travel solution for trendy parents will be met with Little Snobs as the Moscatel’s goal is to make jet setting parents’ lives easier. With Little Snobs luggage, everything mom and dad need for their child will be easily attainable and organized without sacrificing capacity and style. 

“Little Snobs will be made the same way as our regular luggage line; constructed to perfection, utilizing the highest quality fabrics and adequate compartmental design,” explains Cole. 

Promising seamless functionality with unique styling and luxurious design, Snob World’s Little Snobs is set to launch on the Snob World website in 2020.

To interview the Moscatels, please contact EKC PR at 310-441-1000 or email



Cole Moscatel — @colemoscatel

Kelsea Moscatel — @iamthesnob

Snob World — @snob_world


World traveling married couple, Cole Moscatel and Kelsea Moscatel have partnered in the elite taste-making venture, Snob World – an ingenious brand that enriches lives around the globe.



 A cinematic experience that transcends sports – the triumph-to-tragedy “odd couple” friendship between perennial Nascar underdog Michael Waltrip, and the sport’s icon, the late Dale “The Intimidator” Earnhardt

LOS ANGELES, August 7, 2019 / — The latest work of groundbreaking filmmaker and multi Emmy-winning Director, Producer and Writer, Paul Taublieb of TAUBLIEB Films, is the feature documentary Blink of an Eye. Set to debut on September, 5, 2019 for a one-week, Academy Award-qualifying run in New York, and on September 6 in Los Angeles, the film will then receive a nationwide theatrical release at over 700 theaters across the country starting September 12.

Produced and Directed by TAUBLIEB Films, with support from Monster Energy, and in association with NASCAR, and distribution by 1091 Media (formerly The Orchard), the cinematic documentary chronicles former professional NASCAR racer Michael Waltrip and his tragic, star-crossed friendship with the late NASCAR legend, Dale Earnhardt Sr. The film is inspired by Waltrip and Ellis Henican’s 2011 New York Times best-selling book, In the Blink of an Eye: Dale, Daytona, and the Day that Changed Everything (Machete Books).

Action and motorsports filmmaker Paul Taublieb has now brought the story to the big screen with his signature style of penetrating interviews that are interwoven with blistering energy.

Blink of an Eye highlights Waltrip’s win (after a record-breaking 462 losses in a row) at the 2001 Daytona 500, a victory made possible after Earnhardt broke character as “The Intimidator” and “Man in Black” to assist Waltrip, rather than go for the win himself. Ultimately it was kindness that cost Earnhardt his life, as he endured a last lap fatal crash that was originally perceived by onlookers as minor. When Waltrip returned to the track a few months after the accident determined to avenge his friend’s death by going for a win, he instead found a uniquely heroic and selfless way to pay back Earnhardt; one for believing in him when no one else did, and two, for allowing him to win after 16 frustrating seasons. 

Blink of an Eye features interviews with Michael Waltrip, Dale Earnhardt Jr., Ty Norris (former President of Dale Earnhardt, Inc.), and NASCAR Hall of Famers Richard Petty, Richard Childress, and Michael’s brother, Darrell Waltrip.

“When I heard the entire story of this odd couple but deep friendship and sacrifice between the great Dale Earnhardt and fun loving Michael Waltrip, I was reduced to tears,” explains Mitch Covington, Monster Energy’s VP of Sports Marketing. “I knew right away that the perfect person to make this into a feature documentary would be Paul Taublieb, who I recognize as one of the most creative documentary filmmakers working today.”

“Great stories are a gift, and this one has all the elements,” Paul Taublieb says. “Triumph, tragedy, the unexpected, and amazing characters. It’s a story that transcends sports, much like Free Solo (2018) or The Endless Summer (1966), bringing a human quality that anyone can relate and be engaged to, whether you are a sports fan or not. My film resonates with themes of perseverance, grit, determination and above all, the redemptive and transformation of friendship, even in tragedy.”

Mitch Covington’s confidence in Paul Taublieb was due to Taublieb’s wide-ranging previous work; Netflix’s Emmy-winning UNCHAINED: The Untold Story of Freestyle Motocross (2016), which Taublieb directed, wrote and produced, as well as the Emmy-winning ESPN 30 for 30 film, Hawaiian: The Legend of Eddie Aikau (2013), which Taublieb produced and served as creative director and co-writer. 

“What drew me in as a director to this particular story were the universal themes inherit to it,” Paul Taublieb remarks. “The heroism of perseverance, the power of having someone believing in you when no one else does, and most importantly, the existence of truth where triumph and tragedy can intersect in the time span of, well, a blink of an eye!”

Check out the trailer for Blink of an Eye.

To purchase advanced tickets for Blink of an Eye, which go on sale tomorrow, August 8, visit here! In theaters September, 12, 2019 nationwide!

For further information about Blink of an Eye, or to interview Paul Taublieb, contact Eileen Koch of EKC PR, a full-service Branding, Marketing and Public Relations firm at 310-441-1000 or email


About TAUBLIEB Films

Based in Malibu, CA, TAUBLIEB Films is an award-winning production company and creative agency whose work includes theatrical films and feature documentaries, television series and shows, viral videos and :30 commercials. 

Founded by Paul Taublieb and his wife, Susan Cooper, the company’s productions include the Emmy Award-winning Netflix documentary, UNCHAINED: The Untold Story of Freestyle Motocross (2016), the Emmy Award-winning ESPN 30 for 30 documentary, Hawaiian: The Legend of Eddie Aikau (2013), and the hit theatrical film, The Vow (2012) starring Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams.

Other works include the feature documentary FASTEST (2011), television shows and series like Big Wave HellmenX GamesMonza Rally, and World of X Games, not to mention numerous viral videos with multi-million views. 

TAUBLIEB films also serves as the branded content agency for Monster Energy.



The charitable power couple aspire to make a difference!

LOS ANGELES, August 7, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Cole Moscatel and his wife Kelsea Moscatel, creators of new luxury, lifestyle platform Snob World, recently donated a generous sum to Lupus LA, a non-profit health organization in Los Angeles dedicated to finding the causes of and a cure for lupus. The Moscatel’s donation(s) will help to aide in the funding for this long-winded battle, and bring more general awareness. 

Lupus hits close to home for the couple as Cole was diagnosed with the inflammatory disease six years ago at 15. Since then, he and his wife Kelsea have experienced first-hand the everyday struggles lupus brings. 

“It’s an illness that from the outside, many people won’t know someone is suffering from,” Cole Moscatel explains. “I may look like I’m always living an extravagant life, and although that is thankfully true on most days, I want people to understand that underneath all the glamour and adventure, there is indeed a struggle with this debilitation.”

“We want to make Snob World more than just a luxury lifestyle and consumerist brand,” Kelsea Moscatel declares. “When my husband and I saw Selena Gomez come clean about her lupus battle, it really put things into perspective how one can seem to have everything, but underneath all the fame and glory, there was something else lurking.”

Cole says, “We’re going to use our platform to promote positive change and awareness toward issues and organizations closest to our hearts.”

As Snob World grows, the couple will be contributing a portion of their earnings from merchandise, such as their upcoming luggage line, toward the fight in finding a cure for lupus. Additionally, they will be partaking in volunteer work located in underprivileged parts of the world, including Africa, Haiti, and Venezuela; making the act of giving back part of their travels.

To interview Cole Moscatel and Kelsea Moscatel, contact EKC PR at 310-441-1000 or email


Follow Cole, Kelsea, and Snob World on Instagram!

Cole Moscatel — @colemoscatel

Kelsea Moscatel — @iamthesnob

Snob World — @snob_world


World traveling married couple, Cole Moscatel and Kelsea Moscatel have partnered in the elite taste-making venture, Snob World – an ingenious brand that enriches lives around the globe.



Let’s face it! Snobs know best!

LOS ANGELES, July 31, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Power couple Cole Moscatel and his wife Kelsea Moscatel, creators of new luxury, lifestyle platform Snob World, are coming to YouTube! 

Followers of the trendsetting website will now experience “Moscatel style” vacations and experiences from the comfort of their own home by watching full-on visual glimpses into the glamorous lives of these beautiful jet-setters.

“Our weekly videos will showcase a more personable side of our travels and everyday lives, and will be very different than what is offered through the Snob World blog writings,” Cole Moscatel explains.

The influencers have been curating organic and genuine video content for numerous months, capturing their many luxurious global adventures for all to see, including exclusive behind the scenes of their photo shoots. Video topics will include travel diaries (romantic, work, and family), travel tips and recommendations, as well as fashion, beauty, skincare, and luxury living for men, women, and children.

“We are blessed to visit spectacular locations, most of which are filled with so much splendor and appeal, and we look forward to sharing our heaven with the world through visual media,” Kelsea Moscatel says.

The Snob World YouTube channel is set to launch soon, so be sure to subscribe here!


Snob World and Cole & Kelsea are on Instagram:

Snob World — @snob_world

Cole Moscatel — @colemoscatel

Kelsea Moscatel — @iamthesnob


For more information on Snob World, or to interview Cole Moscatel and Kelsea Moscatel, please contact Eileen Koch of EKC PR at 310-441-1000 or email



Avid world travelers, Cole Moscatel and Kelsea Moscatel have partnered in the elite taste-making venture, Snob World.

Creating a difference by building an ingenious brand that enriches lives around the globe, Snob World is a luxurious store, travel and lifestyle blog, and a prime source for opulent living.

Snob World offers direct access inside Cole and Kelsea’s high-end travels where they highlight the coolest and most lavish hotels & resorts, restaurants, fashion, family travel tips, and thrilling things to do; as well as tricks for traveling solo, as a couple, as a group, and with children. 



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