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Dances With Films Festival Premieres “The Other Side of Things” on Sunday, June 12th at TCL Chinese Theatre

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EKC PR Announces Representation of Teen Dancer and TikTok Sensation, Zara Silver

Los Angeles, CA (March 23, 2020) — Los Angeles public relations, digital marketing and branding firm, EKC PR, is elated to announce their representation of award-winning 17-year-old dancer and influencer, Zara Silver

Zara has also just signed with Go 2 Talent Agency,where she’s working privately with renowned choreographer, Sam Allen.

Despite spending her early childhood living at an orphanage in Russia, Zara never allowed darkness to dim her incandescent spirit. She was eventually adopted by a loving family who brought her to the United States and enabled their new daughter a chance to pursue her talents.

“When I first came to America. I was very sick and weak, but fortunate enough to have an amazing family who nurtured me emotionally and physically,” Zara explains. “I feel so blessed—they have given me freedom to explore my dreams.”

Over the past years, the Miami-based teen has emerged a well-rounded dancer who is skilled in a diverse array of dance disciplines like ballet, acrobatics, jazz, hip-hop, and contemporary. She’s busy making a name for herself in the professional dance community, earning awards at national competitions including placing first at NextStar and receiving perfect scores at KAR.

In addition, Zara has been sought out for America’s Got Talent and hand chosen to represent Soel Dancewear as a brand ambassador.

Despite Zara’s talents, perhaps her biggest claim to fame has been the tremendous following she’s built on TikTok and Instagram, where her dance videos continually go viral.

Looking ahead, Zara Silver ison the perfect path toward becoming a world-renowned talent.

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About Zara Silver

Born in Kovrov, a city in Vladimir Oblast, Russia, Zara Silver has dealt with more tumultuous life events than many adults. 

Plucked from an alcoholic mother and an absentee father, she spent her toddler years living in a Russian orphanage, sharing threadbare accommodations with six other unwanted children. Zara slept on a cot, was fed the minimum of meager meals, and was supervised by cold and clinical “caregivers”.

At 4, she was adopted by a nurturing family in America, an opportunity of a lifetime that stoked her inner spark. By 11, Zara had begun formal dance training.

Now at 17, Zara Silver has emerged an award-winning dancer, acrobat, brand ambassador, entrepreneur, and influencer.



EKC PR Client, Marcus Nel-Jamal Hamm, Set to Release Short Film, The Black League of Superheroes, on April 30

Former pro wrestler turned filmmaker sends a powerful message about the importance of Black representation.

Los Angeles, CA, March 11, 2021 / PR Newswire / — Former pro wrestler turned writer, director, actor and producer, Marcus Nel-Jamal Hamm, will be releasing his anticipated short film, The Black League of Superheroes –available to watch on April 30ththrough the film’s websiteand via YouTube.

Marvel and DC enthusiasts will enjoy following the story of a young hero, Miles Morales Spiderman, who discovers that an intentional injustice was covered up as an accident. To prevent this from happening again, he takes advantage of his gifts and “borrows” a powerful glove to summon his elders: Spawn, Blade and Black Panther. The band of superheroes must then decide how to best address the tragedy that has unfolded before them.

With the current political climate and the ascent of the Black Lives Matter movement, Marcus was inspired to create a film where Black individuals can see themselves reflected as superheroes.

“Being able to create positive Black images is extremely important in times like this, and it’s also important for Black people who are being victimized and brutalized from mischaracterizations to regain a sense of empowerment,” Marcus explains.

Among the aforementioned superheroes, audiences will also see fan favorites including Superman, Storm, and Bayne.

To interview Marcus Nel-Jamal Hamm contact EKC PR at 310-441-1000 or ​



Born in Washington D.C. and a graduate of the University of Maryland College Park with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Criminal Justice, Marcus Nel-Jamal Hamm emerged into the entertainment scene through the world of pro wrestling under the moniker of Marcus Jordan. He is a multi-title holding main event performer. 

Marcus transitioned toward acting with a role on two episodes of the HBO series, The Wire. He’s continued to gain momentum working as a television, theatrical and commercial actor, and is trained in film/TV stunt fighting.

This June, Marcus will be producing and starring in Heaven’s Revenge, the full-length feature of the hit short of the same name (which he also stars in and can be seen on Amazon Prime). 

Now an L.A. mainstay, Marcus is an advocate for global world peace and a promoter of a new Urban Renaissance where he inspires youth from all walks of life.


Saudi Arabian Track and Field Record-Breaker, Alya Alghamdi, Teams with Scholastic Book Fairs to Donate Over 500 Books to Underserved Students

The Saudi Arabian athlete and role model empowers young teens to pursue their athletic and academic goals.

Los Angeles, CA, March 10, 2021 / PR Newswire /​ — Record-breaking track and field athlete, and fervent sports advocate, Alya Alghamdi, has teamed up with Scholastic Book Fairs, a division of Scholastic, the global children’s publishing, education, and media company, to donate over 500 books for all 8th grade students at Sarah Zumwalt Middle School in Dallas, TX.

Every 8th grade student will receive four books, a Scholastic #BookJoy tote bag, a bookmark, an invisible ink pen, and a personal note from Alya about the importance of perseverance and dedication. 

99% of Zumwalt’s students are Title 1 (low-income family) students. Alya, who has a strong connection with Dallas, TX, wants to make sure these students have access to educational resources they may not otherwise have been able to receive.

“My mission with this donation is to encourage kids to push the limit of what they believe is possible in their education and in their sports,” explains Alya Alghamdi. “Your life is not defined by the circumstances into which you were born. Having grown up as a young girl in Saudi Arabia where women are not allowed to play sports, I know what it feels like to start at a disadvantage, but my devotion to my sport has helped me overcome every single obstacle I’ve faced.” 

Mallory Butler, Senior Associate with Scholastic Book Fairs, stated, “We’re very grateful for Alya’s dedication to supporting literacy for underserved students. We know that when students are able to own books to read and enjoy, they’re building a solid foundation for education, and they’re more likely to graduate from school and go on to achieve additional life goals.”

As a fierce advocate for sports equality, uplifting underserved student athletes is an integral goal in Alya’s donation. To further encourage dedication and hard work among these students, Alya will be gifting 10 brand new laptops to five students (at Sarah Zumwalt Middle School) who have the highest GPAs with no sports affiliations, and five students with the highest GPAs who are athletes. 

“It is extremely important to me to include sports in everything I do,” Alya Alghamdi says. “Balancing sports and education is not an easy task, so I want to be sure to reward student athletes who maintain high GPAs, while also honoring other students who may not excel in sports but shine in their academics.”

For more information or to interview Alya Alghamdi, contact Eileen Koch of EKC PR, a full-service Branding, Digital Marketing and Public Relations firm at 310-441-1000 or


About Alya Alghamdi

Originally born in Saudi Arabia but now living in America, Alya Alghamdi is currently training for the Olympics. Her mission as a track and field athlete is to compete for her home country at the 2021 games in Tokyo.

Despite having a privileged childhood in Saudi Arabia, Alya longed for a life beyond what material goods could provide because her fulfillment came from a place of purpose. Unfortunately, Alya’s potential as an athlete went untapped for many years due to the fact that Saudi Arabia did not allow women to go to the gym or join sports teams.

Still, her fearlessness was foundational and eventually Alya departed for Europe and later America, where she was finally able to explore her true passion of running. Alya trained for marathons, climbed Mount Everest, and learned how to surf and skateboard, eventually setting her sights on becoming an Olympian.


Local Biology Teacher, Renee Capozzola, Wins World’s Most Prestigious Underwater Photography Competition

UPY announces the 2021 winner of their top award, the “Underwater Photographer of the Year”


Los Angeles, CA, February 9, 2021/PR Newswire/ — Local AP Biology teacher and acclaimed underwater photographer, Renee Capozzola, has just been named the “Underwater Photographer of the Year 2021” by the Underwater Photographer of the Year (UPY) competition. Considered the world’s most prestigious international underwater photography contest, UPY bestows this yearly honor on a single image that their judges feel is “Best in Show”.

Sharks’ Skylight, Renee’s award-winning piece, was chosen as the winner from over 4,500 entries sent in from 68 countries. Her stunning image, shot in French Polynesia, features an underwater scene of noble and imposing blacktip reef sharks, contrasted with the calm sorbet hues of the above-water sunset. 

“I am beyond proud to be the first female photographer to win this award and I’m hoping my photo will help build awareness of how endangered sharks are throughout the world,” remarks Renee. “It is estimated that 70-100 million sharks are killed every year, and without added legal protection, they may soon disappear completely, which would create complex issues in our marine ecosystem.” 

Alex Mustard, UPY’s head judge and former marine biologist (who is regarded as one of the world’s leading underwater photographers), further commented on Renee’s piece: “This is a photograph of hope, a glimpse of how the ocean can be when we give it a chance. Renee not only persevered until this serendipitous scene unfolded, but more importantly, she has the talent to capture such a precise moment.”

To interview Renee Capozzola, contact EKC PR at 310-441-1000 or email –


About Renee Capozzola 

A California native, Renee Capozzola has taught AP Biology at Palos Verdes High School for almost 20 years. She became a certified scuba diver in 2004 and was immediately fascinated by the beautiful reefs and marine animals she encountered. Quickly realizing that she wanted to share the underwater world with others, Renee grabbed a camera and began shooting. 

Specializing in wide angle and split-level images, the award winner’s work (awarded in over 40 international accolades), showcases an intriguing combination of artistic talent honed through oil painting during her youth and a professional background in science. 

Renee believes that her striking photographs can help increase awareness of our fragile marine ecosystems and encourage others to help protect our oceans. 


WOW Media Set to Build Three More Iconic Digital Billboards in Inglewood, CA

The newest displays will directly surround The Forum, SoFi Stadium, and the Los Angeles Clippers Arena 


Los Angeles, February 9, 2021/PR Newswire — OOH digital advertising giant, WOW Media, is thrilled to announce that the company has signed a new long-term contract with the city of Inglewood to build three more of their state-of-the-art, 1200 square feet, full motion billboards. The additional locations will directly surround The Forum, the new SoFi Stadium, and the upcoming Los Angeles Clippers Arena.

Those who witness WOW’s eye-opening digital displays are presented with brilliantly bright and colorful screens, powered more than 500 times the pixels in a 4K television. The iconic IMAX-style signs offer millions of weekly impressions, providing brands like Disney, Amazon and Netflix advanced ways to amplify their messaging.

Inglewood, the up-and-coming epicenter for L.A. entertainment and sports, has proven to be the perfect backdrop for WOW’s game changing OOH business model.

“Public-private partnerships hold the key to future development, and no one knows that better than the city of Inglewood,” explains WOW Founder & CEO Scott Krantz. “Six years ago, Inglewood was struggling financially and now, through a series of public-private partnerships, the city and its citizens are enjoying an economic boom. Our billboards are just one shining example of this huge success.”

This latest development will bring the grand total of displays to 20, making WOW the largest full motion digital network in the country outside of Times Square. 

Continuing to corner L.A.’s burgeoning sports and entertainment mecca, WOW already surrounds LAX and the 405 freeway, where they house the four largest and only digital billboards south of the San Fernando Valley.

To interview Scott Krantz, contact Eileen Koch of EKC PR at 310-441-1000 or email –


About Scott Krantz 

Scott Krantz has dedicated 20+ years to the world of OOH advertising. In 1999, as the CEO of Mediacom Outdoor Advertising, Scott led the build-out of network of over 500 transit shelter displays located at prominent westside intersections. He then sold that sector of Mediacom and went on to campaign with top national brands such as Warner Brothers, Paramount, and Pepsi. 

In 2012, Scott built the nation’s largest college television network, implementing HD screens in over 400 Barnes & Noble stores. 

Currently, Scott is the Founder & CEO of WOW Media, which he created in 2017. 


Husband-and-Wife Medical Duo Confront the Deficiencies of America’s Healthcare System in New Documentary

Dr. A & B star in the uplifting new documentary: The Blob Blob Fish: A Journey Through Obesity

Los Angeles, CA, January 27, 2021 / PR Newswire / — Medicine thought leaders, entrepreneurs and board-certified osteopathic practitioners, Dr. Vincent Apicella and Dr. Mariaclara Bago, known as Dr. A & B, are redefining the current healthcare system by combining the best of traditional and alternative medical strategies. 

Utilizing their comprehensive knowledge and passion for health and wellness, the husband-and-wife duo are starring in the documentary, The Blob Blob Fish: A Journey Through Obesity, set to be released this summer. Produced and directed by Andrew Mossop (DreamsWorks, MTV, VH1), the film is an uplifting and thought-provoking documentary which highlights the flaws in our current healthcare model. 

The Blob Blob Fish: A Journey Through Obesity beautifully demonstrates Dr. A & B’s methods by examining the benefits of drastic lifestyle changes on weight loss. In it, three patients, including a teenage boy who is deemed the “blob blob fish” by his peers, embark on a transformative, inspiring, and heartwarming journey to improve their health, self-esteem and overall quality of life. 

“I wish everyone understood that they don’t need to depend upon insurance, drugs, or the government for better health,” says Dr. A. “We want to show the differences people can make in their own healthcare by starting with a more holistic approach, and then traditional medicine second. “Or on an as-needed basis,” adds Dr. B.

The mission of the film is to redefine how health is perceived in this country. With a culture stuck on the path of least resistance, this mentality has led to trillions of dollars of healthcare spending and very minimal impact on chronic diseases.

Dr. A & B practice functional medicine, a root-cause, holistic, and natural approach that addresses the body as a whole when treating specific medical problems. Their preventative method can often target and cure health ailments before traditional medicine techniques like drugs and surgery are required.

To interview Dr. A & B, contact EKC PR at 310-441-1000 or email –


About Dr. A & B

Dr. A & B have been applying their “life changing through lifestyle altering” treatments by way of their integrative medical practice for the last 15 years, including running their own renowned health and wellness center in Wellington, FL.     



EKC PR Announces Representation of Leading Digital-Advertising Giant, WOW Media

WOW Media’s clientele list includes powerhouse corporations like Disney, Amazon, Apple, Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, HBO, and Netflix.

Los Angeles, January 26, 2021/PR Newswire — Beverly Hills public relations, marketing and branding firm EKC PR has recently signed technologically advanced digital advertising company WOW Media to its roster of clients.

WOW Media’s eye-opening digital billboards are the first of its kind in the U.S., boasting brilliantly bright and colorful screens, powered more than 500 times the pixels in a 4K television. The displays present millions of weekly impressions and provide brands with new and exciting ways to amplify their messaging.

Making major waves in business, technology and real estate markets, WOW Media boasts a powerhouse clientele list, which includes corporations like Disney, Amazon, Apple, Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, HBO, Netflix, and more!

Elevating a brand’s bottom line by delivering upscale and powerful interactive possibilities, WOW Media enhances a client’s exposure and financial impact, and raises revenue growth for the city where the billboard is placed. 

Currently, the billboards are strategically situated in the middle of streets and freeways in the hotspot city of Inglewood, CA near Los Angeles, offering and delivering unprecedented clarity and size, and creating an IMAX-style viewing experience that brings digital OOH advertising to life. 

Founded in 2017 by advertising visionary Scott Krantz, WOW Media benefits from Scott’s past professional experiences, as he brings a level of creativity, collaboration and business sophistication to the WOW Media arsenal. 

For more information on WOW Media and to interview founder/CEO Scott Krantz, contact Eileen Koch of EKC PR at 310-441-1000 or email –


About Scott Krantz 

Scott Krantz has dedicated the past 20+ years to the world of out-of-home advertising. 

Starting his career in 1999 as the CEO of Medicom Outdoor Advertising, Scott led the build-out of network of over 500 transit shelter displays located at prominent westside intersections. He then sold that sector of Mediacom and went on to campaign with top national brands such as Warner Brothers, Paramount, and Pepsi. 

In 2012, Scott built the nation’s largest college television network, implementing HD screens in over 400 Barnes & Noble stores across the country. 

Currently, Scott is the founder and CEO of WOW Media in Los Angeles, which he created in 2017. 

When he’s not working, Scott enjoys surfing along the beautiful California coastline, and spending time with his lovely wife and three sons.


Saudi Arabian Track and Field Record-Breaker, Alya Alghamdi, Donates 300 Books to California Prisons

Saudi Arabian athlete and role model, sends a powerful message about freedom

Los Angeles, CA, December 3, 2020 / PR Newswire /​ — To educate and empower inmates within state penitentiaries, record-setting Saudi Arabian track and field athlete, Alya Alghamdi, has donated 300 books written by David Meltzer​ to California-based charity, Pages and Time.

Pages and Time’s objective is to promote literacy equity within California correctional facilities by donating a variety of books and thereby providing incarcerated individuals with access to further educational and creative resources.

“We are so appreciative of Alya’s efforts to better the lives of these inmates,” Anette Bolan, founder of Pages and Time, expresses. “Her mission to promote literacy equality strongly resonates with our core values.”

Currently training for the 2021 Olympics, Alya is redefining the Olympic narrative for Saudi Arabian women. A fervent advocate for independence and freedom, Alya is passionate about giving back to those who are confined, especially individuals who are innocent, as she feels their experiences are parallel to those of Saudi Arabian women. 

“When I read David’s book, I was so impressed with its ability to motivate and inspire me,” Alya explains. “I know what it feels like to be restricted and helpless, so if this donation helps just one person in prison, then my mission will be complete.”

David Meltzer’s book, ​Connected to Goodness: Manifest Everything You Desire in Business and Life, is aimed toward helping readers take tangible steps to position themselves for success, which is especially valuable for inmates navigating their life after release.

“I’m thrilled to be a part of Alya’s generous donation,” David Meltzer says. “I wrote this book to empower and educate people, so through her donation, Alya will make a direct impact on the quality of life and future of these inmates.”

Alya presently holds the Saudi Arabian title for the 60-meter dash, and she’s closing in on the record for the 100-meter dash and 200-meter dash. Still, the Olympics are not Alya’s ultimate endgame. Her greatest long-term goal is to mentor young female athletes to help them pursue their wildest dreams, especially those who come from a restrictive culture. 

To interview Alya Alghamdi, contact EKC PR, a full-service Branding, Marketing and Public Relations firm at 310-441-1000 or ​​.


About Alya Alghamdi

Originally born in Saudi Arabia but now living in America, Alya Alghamdi is training for the Olympics in Dallas, TX and Los Angeles, CA. Her mission as a track and field athlete is to compete for her home country at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics.

Alya grew up in Saudi Arabia with nine siblings against the backdrop of a restrictive culture. As a young girl, she would play outside with boys, climb trees, ride bikes, and race, even though it meant she would be punished for it at home, as this was not acceptable behavior for Saudi Arabian girls. Still, this punishment did not dissuade her. When Alya weighed the cost of her punishment against the cost of her freedom, she firmly believed the taste of independence was well worth enduring the consequences. Her fearlessness was foundational, and eventually Alya fled home for Europe and later America.

Having seen the glory of sports on TV, Alya became inspired by the journeys of world class athletes. She was finally free to explore her true calling – running. Alya trained for marathons, climbed Mount Everest, and learned how to surf and skateboard, eventually setting her sights on competing in the Olympics. 


Philanthropist Runningbear Ramirez Earns City of Los Angeles Award and Announces Funding for Breakthrough “Native Americans with Diabetes” Study Through Project Angel Food and USC

Runningbear Project Angel Food

Los Angeles, CA, October 21, 2020 / PR Newswire / — Young and hip humanitarian, Runningbear Ramirez, continues his quest to nourish the mind, body and soul of his Native American people. Through Project Angel Food and USC Keck School of Medicine, Runningbear is proudly funding and supporting the first ever study of diabetes and its physical and mental effects on his often-marginalized population. 

This announcement came in conjunction with the City of Los Angeles honoring Runningbear with an award for his tireless work and generous contributions to Project Angel Food. The ceremony took place on October 12th, Indigenous Peoples’ Day. Attending the festivities were Los Angeles’ 13th District Council Member Mitch O’Farrell, Project Angel Food’s Executive Director Richard Ayoub, and esteemed USC medical professionals. 

“LA is home to 170,000 Native Americans, and many of us are spread out,” Runningbear explains. “This study will not only provide these marginalized communities with healthy meals, the community outreach component will provide education and companionship to people who are often lonely and isolated.”

The study brings together Project Angel Food with USC Keck School of Medicine, United American Indian Involvement, Torres Martinez Tribal TANF, and American Indian Counseling Center. It will explore the transformative possibilities of medically-tailored meals, nutrition education, and camaraderie. Program participants will be paired with other Native American diabetics called “food buddies” who are on the same meal plan. This study is innovative in that it considers both physical and mental health conditions.

During the festivities, Richard Ayoub praised the study by saying: “I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate this day than to announce a research study that helps Native Americans with diabetes live a healthier life through our ‘food as medicine’ program.” Council Member Mitch O’Farrell added that “the healing power of food is actually a tenant rooted in the Native American culture.” He continued, sharing how diabetes is one of the top illnesses to impact Native Americans, pointing out that, “the introduction of refined sugar was something new to first peoples when colonization began.”

Runningbear is a rousing, respected, and renowned activist and philanthropist. He grew up in Highland, CA on a reservation with his family and their tribe, the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians. He is a Senior Board Member for Project Angel Food, Secretary of the Riverside-San Bernardino Indian Health, Inc., and an inspirational advisor for Louis Vuitton, Fendi, and Gucci.

To interview Runningbear, contact Eileen Koch of EKC PR at 310-441-1000 or




Private Equity Sponsor, Robert Bennett, Launches SPAC Firm, LightJump Capital

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 6, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Entrepreneur and private equity sponsor, Robert Bennett, has launched his latest entrepreneurial endeavor: Silicon Valley and Dallas-based investment firm, LightJump Capital.

Through meticulous and extensive research, the LightJump team targets best-of-breed private companies, which have the potential to become the next groundbreaking public company. 

“LightJump Capital’s plan is to launch SPACS to take great companies public,” Robert Bennett explains. “With SPAC’s raking in a stunning $32B this year alone as investment capital, it has undoubtedly become the smartest and quickest way to take a great company public.”

SPACS are especially useful to negate the often cumbersome and laborious IPO process, therefore providing a rapid approach to taking private companies public and helping them gain maximum growth and capital financing in a productive and accelerated manner.

To interview Robert Bennett, contact EKC PR at 310-441-1000 or email:

About Robert Bennett

Entering the technology buyout arena in the early 2000s, Robert Bennett has maneuvered himself throughout his career and established himself as a competitive figurehead in the financial arena. His savviness and acute intelligence have catapulted him into a prominent and thriving business career for over 25 years. 

Purchasing his first company in 1992, Sports Magazines of America Inc., Robert went on to create a sports media enterprise buying multiple companies, which he later sold to Landmark Communications and KKR. He subsequently bought and sold several companies including a division of the Penn Central Corporation, ESC Technologies, Inc. which he sold to Glenair, Inc.

With curiosity around the tech industry, Robert entered the technology buyout business 20 years ago. 

Currently, Robert Bennett is the Founder, Chairman and CEO of LightJump Capital, as well as the CEO of First Lexington, LLC, a Merchant Banking and Private Equity Sponsor Firm. Under his leadership, First Lexington has continued to acquire businesses in technology, media, education and manufacturing. 



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