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Top Hollywood Post-Production House, Unbreakable Post Inc., Signs with EKC PR

Top Hollywood Post-Production House, Unbreakable Post Inc., Signs with EKC … read on

Top Hollywood Post-Production House, Unbreakable Post Inc., Signs with EKC PR

Unbreakable Post Inc.’s clients include Netflix, HBO Max, Amazon Original, A&E, and more!

LOS ANGELES, Apr. 13, 2022 / PRNewswire / — EKC PR has signed top Hollywood post-production house, Unbreakable Post Inc., to its roster of clientele, and is thrilled to be working directly with its founder, veteran post-production professional, producer and director, Joe Eckardt.

Solidifying itself in Hollywood as one of the premier post-production houses for shows on major streaming platforms, Unbreakable Post Inc. has Eckardt in its main pocket as he himself brings over two decades of post-production experience to the table. From stand-up comedy to reality TV and feature films, Eckardt’s keen eye for making visual and editorial changes makes the daunting task of post-production easy. 

Unlike other companies, Unbreakable Post’s services expand beyond post-production as their disciplined team has a “jack-of-all-trades, master of many” work ethic. This includes (but is not limited to) project-specific pre-production technical workflow creation, on and offline editorial rentals, full-scale visual effects, color grading, and many more. 

“’We’ll fix it in post’ is the famous last words heard around studio lots and film sets that any veteran of the industry knows still ring true to this day,” says Joe Eckardt. “Fixing inconsistencies are the cornerstone of my job, and I welcome any and all challenges head-on.” 

Eckardt’s impressive resume, having worked side-by-side with Netflix, Disney, Amazon Studios, HBO Max, and other heavy hitters over the years, began when he was hired as a set PA on The Sopranos and Sex and the City. Flash forward to today, running one of the industry’s go-to post-production houses where he and a team of creatives have recently worked on the Emmy award-winning Netflix series, Sparking Joy with Marie Kondo, the two-time Emmy-nominated Netflix series, Selling Sunset, and David’s Spade’s Netflix comedy special, David Spade: Nothing Personal

Like any post-production company, Unbreakable Post are the last hands a project goes through before it is released by a network. 

“Ensuring that the vision of a director and producer is brought to life is a rewarding experience,” explains Joe Eckardt. “We make sure that the viewer is not just watching eye candy but becoming part of the cinematic world created by people from all fields.”

For more information on Unbreakable Post Inc. or to interview founder Joe Eckardt, contact Eileen Koch of EKC PR, a full-service Branding, Marketing and Public Relations firm at 310-441-1000 or email


Canine Star of Netflix’s Gunther’s Millions Purchases Nicolas Cage’s Private Bahamian Island and Starts NFT Collection


LOS ANGELESFeb. 22, 2023 /PRNewswire/ – Netflix’s new series Gunther’s Millions is a show unlike anything we have seen since the dawn of Tiger King. Its bizarre and gritty subject matter keeps viewers glued to the screen as they ask, “can it get any crazier?” And crazier it does!

The buzzworthy series, which premiered February 1st, expands the story of Gunther the VI (German Shepherd worth $400m), and his puppet master, Italian tycoon, Maurizio Mian. Once again, a man from Pisa has paved a new way for unconventional brilliance the same way Pisa’s own Galileo Galilei did centuries ago.

Gunther VI, star of Netflix’s Gunther’s Millions

As Gunther’s caretaker, Mian has dipped toes and paws into the NFT business with a planned collection called “Gunther’s Rich Dog Collection.” A private island dubbed Leaf Cay, formerly owned by Nicolas Cage, is also being bought by Gunther. The purchase price? Well, Maurizio can tell you that.

With the purchase of Leaf Cay, Mian and The Gunther Corporation plan to continue scientific research on happiness, social experiments, pursuing animal welfare initiatives, and diversifying Gunther’s assets. 

Focusing on a nearly half-billion-dollar inheritance left for Gunther, the tale behind Gunther’s Millions revolves around the dog’s escapades masterminded by Mian, in relation to the neuropsychoanalysis of his research. From these studies, a more concrete understanding of emotional human behavior is hoped to be achieved through unseen lenses.

Gunther and his estate – originally owned by a mysterious German Countess shrouded in secrecy – was the sole beneficiary to one of Europe’s leading pharmaceutical giants responsible for the osteoporosis medication, Fosamax. The dog was left in the care of Mian after the Countess’ abrupt death, and with no husband, children, or close relatives to manage her wealth, Mian (a family friend) was chosen based on his strange yet sharp brilliance to manage her estate. 

What ensued were turned heads, mobs of fans, global press, celebrity ties, rare sports cars, mega yachts, “free love” nightclubs, tax evasion, cult pop bands, pornstar-lead soccer teams, Madonna’s Miami Beach mansion, and intricately enough, a three-decade long research project on the pursuit of happiness. 

Surprisingly, this is the tip of the iceberg as Gunther’s story is not over, nor is the lineage of canine worth more than their collective weight in gold. 

Gunther’s Millions is streaming on Netflix.

@GuntherRichDog – Instagram & Twitter

Media Contact
Eileen Koch


The Kid Cash, Singer, Lyricist and Poet, Releases Debut Alt-Rock Album “Words Unspoken” and Signs with EKC PR


LOS ANGELESFeb. 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ – In conjunction with today’s release of his debut ten-track alternative rock album, Words UnspokenSan Francisco-based singer, lyricist, and poet, The Kid Cash (aka former professional bull rider Lorenzo Pierucci) has signed with Los Angeles public relations, marketing and branding firm, EKC PR.

In 2019, Pierucci found himself devastated by the unbearable breakup he endured with his fiancé, and following the end of their engagement, delved into songwriting to process and heal. 

The subsequent catharsis led to his debut alt-rock album, Words Unspoken, releasing today on all music platforms like Apple MusicAmazon MusicPandoraSpotifyYouTube Music, and more!

Written and performed entirely by Pierucci himself, now known professionally as The Kid Cash, each track often fuses together other musical undertones like that of country and hip hop, all the while tracing the stages of heartbreak, loneliness, nostalgia, melancholy, and longing that he experienced. 

From the gritty and soulful “Pleasure & Pain” to the heartfelt “House of Mirrors,” Words Unspoken explores themes of toxic love, self-loathing, and the pain of unrequited love, invoking the raw emotions of a shattered relationship.

The Kid Cash views the album as a manifestation of everything he wished he could have said to his ex-lover, inspiring the title of the album. 

Words Unspoken and its creation is where I truly found my own sound in singing, as well as a means of escape and healing.”

With a rugged vocal style reminiscent of Post Malone and backed by hard-hitting trap beats, The Kid Cash conveys sincere emotionality rarely found in a new artist.

For more information or to interview The Kid Cash, contact Eileen Koch of EKC PR, a full-service Public Relations, Branding and Marketing firm at 310-441-1000 or


Spoken Cinema®, featuring Renowned Spoken Word Poet, Steve Connell, Premiered New Piece “RISE” for Scott Hamilton’s Fundraising Gala


LOS ANGELES, Dec. 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ – Spoken Cinema®, the award-winning entertainment innovation, featuring renowned spoken word poet, Steve Connell, premiered it’s latest multi-sensory performance piece, RISE, at the Bridgestone Arena last month for the Scott Hamilton & Friends annual fundraising gala & ice show.

Combining Olympic, World, and National Champion Figure Skaters with some of the biggest names in music and, for the first time ever, poetry, the event was a once-in-a-lifetime experience benefiting the Scott Hamilton CARES Foundation. All proceeds helped change the future of cancer by funding advanced, innovative research that treats the cancer while sparing the patient.                                                                                                                                        

RISE is an eight-minute, never-before-seen piece that I wrote, accompanied by an original cinematic score and an immersive digital background that was projected onto the ice, scoreboards, and every other digital surface within the arena,” explains Steve Connell. “The technology literally placed my live performance inside of a movie, bringing my poem to life with breathtaking creativity.”

RISE is the hallmark of the work done by Spoken Cinema®, a joint venture between Steve and Go West Creative, spearheaded by their CEO and founder, David Fischette.                                               

A poet, actor, and transformative entertainer whose live performances are as dynamic as the words he delivers, Steve Connell has graced his poetic voice at private events for President Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Maya Angelou, Quincy Jones, and more, while his work has been showcased on networks such as HBO, MSNBC, and MTV, as well as at the Sundance Film Festival, Kennedy Center, and The White House.

In over 38 years as founder and CEO of the award-winning Go West Creative, David Fischette has established himself as a creative force in the live event, media, and entertainment industries. In that time, Go West Creative has been named to the global “Top 50 Events Companies”, as well as Event Marketer Magazine’s Top 100 It List for Event Agencies. Together, as Spoken Cinema®, Steve and David have created over 200 astonishing live and digital works for such diverse companies as CVS, Sonic, Dunkin’, and many others.

“I don’t know how Spoken Cinema did it. They somehow managed to collapse a 30-year journey into an 8-minute piece. Truly amazing!” – Scott Hamilton

To interview Steve Connell, contact Eileen Koch of EKC PR at 310-441-1000 or



Wuitusu, High-End Wayuu-Ware Brand and Boutique in Los Angeles, Signs with EKC PR


LOS ANGELES, California (November 2, 2022) / PRNewswire — EKC PR has signed fashion brand and storefront, Wuitusu, one of only a few to specialize in high-quality apparel and accessories handmade by the Colombia and Venezuela Wayuu tribe artisans.

The Wayuu people, a tribe who live on ancient land located between Colombia and Venezuela, are known for their impressive and unique craftsmanship in crocheting of handcrafts, featuring vivid and muted colors. Reflecting the Wayuu people’s traditional designs, Wuitusu serves as a bridge between customers and the tribe’s skills, while providing the Wayuu people with income from the sale of their goods. 

Founded in 2019, Wuitusu was set into motion when owner Lisset Verde was online shopping and had come across a Wayuu hat and bag. Having been born in Venezuela herself, Lisset was intrigued by the Wayuu’s breathtaking work and began to do intense research of the tribe’s crafts. Soon, she was importing the colorful wares to her home, selling them amongst friends.

“I am proud to present high-end Wayuu wearables in America, while at the same time preserving the Wayuu culture, and educating our customers about our products,” says Lisset Verde. 

Grown from humble beginnings, the first Wuitusu shop opened in April 2019 at the Santa Monica Place Mall, with the second in October 2019 at Ovation Hollywood (formerly Hollywood & Highland). Upon walking into either location, visitors are mesmerized by eye-popping designs ranging from denim jackets to vibrant bags to stunning kaftans –– just a few of Wuitusu’s dynamic offerings –– essential for any lover of bohemian-styled wearables.

Currently, the company works with a cooperative of approximately 40 Wayuu women in Riohacha, Colombia, a village in Uribia, Colombia, and several other individuals recognized by their fine workmanship and skills. In these designs, the Wayuu people blend their experiences with Wayuu life to create a mixture of traditional and novel, a multicultural concept.

Additionally, Wuitusu prides itself on their partnerships with Helping Children of Venezuela, a Los Angeles-based organization that donates medicine, food, clothing, shoes, and school supplies to susceptible communities in Venezuela, as well as The Wayuu Taya Foundationwhich helps to improve the living conditions of the indigenous communities in Latin America. 

Each $50.00 purchase at Wuitusu helps to feed five Wayuu children.

Wuitusu is located at 395 Santa Monica Place, Suite 156, and 6801 Hollywood Blvd, Suite 112.



Eileen Koch




New Time Travel Short Film, “Marilyn’s Dark Paradise,” Showcases the Resilience of Marilyn Monroe


LOS ANGELESOct. 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Sixty years after her devastating death, Marilyn Monroe remains a source of fascination to the world. But what would life have been like had Monroe not passed away? What if you could go back and change history?

Filmmaker Remi Gangarossa explores the “what-ifs” in his new short film, Marilyn’s Dark Paradise, scheduled for a 2023 release. Aiming to expunge the current climate of exploitation against Monroe, the movie gives justice to the legacy of Norma Jeane—the woman Monroe truly was, and the woman she could have still become.

The film is unique, standing apart from other recent Monroe projects, as a biographically based piece that incorporates a fantasy element of time travel, all the while exploring a theme focusing on the universal struggle to understand what it means to be “enough”. The storyline follows an adventurous time traveler who discovers an ability to turn back the clock and befriend Monroe. He battles with the idea of saving her from death, at the same time trying to respect the rigid rules of time travel––he absolutely cannot warn her about August 4, 1962.

Marilyn’s Dark Paradise has taken nearly a decade to complete,” explains director Remi Gangarossa. “Marilyn is one of the most inspirational humans in history, and this film highlights how she was a brave and triumphant survivor.”

An abundance of attention and care went into the details, journeying Monroe’s difficult childhood, her accomplishments, and that fateful August day. The four-plus years it took to recreate Monroe’s bedside table with historical accuracy demonstrates only a small fraction of the painstaking love put into the film. Bona-fide memorabilia such as letters the actress wrote are featured, lending authenticity. Additionally, the crew often shot on location in exact spots Monroe once stood.

Another layer of legitimacy is the contribution by experts serving as creative producers: Scott Fortner (MM historian), Greg Schreiner (President of Marilyn Remembered Fan Club), Peter Gonzalez (MM memorabilia collector), Rick Carl (a classic film and television archivist), and Stephanie Stuart (co-producer and lead actress).

The biographical source material comes from co-producer and author Gary Vitacco-Robles‘ two-volume book, ICON: The Life, Times and Films of Marilyn Monroe

As a celebration of perseverance and strength, Marilyn’s Dark Paradise captures Monroe rising above her challenges.


Eileen Koch


Silicon Auto Group Founder/COO, Paul Chambers, to Launch VIP Status Supercar Destination, “The World of Supercars,” at Horseshoe Bay Resort



SPICEWOOD, TexasOct. 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — EKC PR client Paul Chambers is once again shattering the car industry with an exclusive, one-of-a-kind way to shop for the world’s most hard to find supercars. Silicon Auto Group‘s The World of Supercars, scheduled to open in 2024 on the private 6000-foot jet center runway at Horseshoe Bay Resort in Horseshoe Bay, Texas, will be the world’s most pioneering exotic car destination in the country. 

“People will be able to experience the thrill of landing their private jet and immediately pulling up to Silicon Auto Group where they can test drive the fastest cars in the world… right on the runway!” explains Paul Chambers, Founder & COO of Silicon Auto Group. “They will then have the option to be driven like a movie star in a Mercedes-Maybach and stay at the luxurious Horseshoe Bay Resort.”

Utilizing an exclusive VIP status method of connecting buyers (a new VIP status client must be referred by another), Silicon Auto Group’s The World of Supercars is a game changer where perfection is perfected, allowing elite from all over the world to shop at the high-security, state-of-the-art Horseshoe Bay Resort airport to take in the ambiance of a rare supercar. 

“My business has always clearly lent itself in a different direction than traditional brick-and-mortar companies, as we have a consistent emphasis on creating an unparalleled buyer experience over profit,” Paul says. “Basically, you send money and I do the rest.”

With an impressive, decades-long track record in the exotic car buying industry, Paul Chambers has worked with clients from all over the world, including professional athletes Austin RiversMatt Turk, and Kevin Walter, as well as American game show host legend Chuck Woolery, all of whom have put trust into Silicon Auto Group’s ability to procure any supercar found on the globe. Paul himself has consistently proven to be a well-connected innovator internationally, including within the Formula 1 circle located in Monaco.

Silicon’s online inventory includes exceptional models such as the Bugatti Divo, the Ferrari F40 LM, the original LaFerrari Aperta, the McLaren Senna & P1, the unique Ferrari SP2 Monza, vintage Ferrari 250 GTO race cars, Lamborghinis, and much more. 

All supercar transactions are handled by Spagnoletti Law Firm in Houston.

To interview Paul Chambers, contact Eileen Koch of EKC PR at 310-441-1000 or


Renowned Spoken Word Duo, Sekou Andrews & Steve Connell, Perform at Star Studded ABC Special Celebrating TV Pioneer, Norman Lear


LOS ANGELESOct. 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Renowned spoken word duo, Sekou Andrews and Steve Connell, brought the house down during their recent four minute powerful poetic performance at the filming of ABC’s primetime special, Norman Lear: 100 Years of Music & Laughter. The gifted poets were personally invited by their dear friend, legendary television producer Norman Lear, to appear on stage and celebrate his grand centennial and triumphant career.

“Norman is a national treasure who we’re blessed to call family,” says Sekou Andrews and Steve Connell. “To perform and be amongst a room full of luminary megastars honoring Norman’s 100 years, all the while having him there with us to commemorate, was truly remarkable.”

Tom HanksJennifer AnistonJimmy KimmelAmy PoehlerKristen Bell, and George Clooney were just some of the A-Listers invited to honor Norman’s magnificent television career, which spans seminal shows like All in the Family, The Jeffersons, Good Times, Silver Spoons, The Facts of Life, 227, and many more!

As the world’s leading “Poetic Voice,” Sekou Andrews is disrupting the speaking industry in unprecedented ways. A schoolteacher turned GRAMMY®-nominated recording artist, two-time national poetry slam champion, actor, thought leader, and award-winning spoken word poet, any given day finds Sekou keynoting at leadership conferences for Google, Apple, Mastercard, or one of his other Fortune 500 clients. Sekou has also performed pieces on major network shows for HBO and Showtime, and for President Obama in Oprah’s backyard!

Steve Connell is an actor, poet, and transformative entertainer whose live performances are as dynamic as the words he delivers. He has entertained at private events for President Obama, Oprah WinfreyMaya Angelou, amongst others, and his work has been seen on ABC, HBO, MTV, as well as at the Sundance Film Festival, Kennedy Center, and The White House.

Together as long-time creative collaborators, Sekou Andrews and Steve Connell are known to deliver comedic, heart-wrenching, and inspiring poems that examine the current American cultural landscape, touching on social justice, human relations, and other relevant topics. Through the vehicle of a spoken word, comedy and hip-hop blend, the duo has brought important discourse to American audiences on prominent platforms including TEDMED, HBO, Showtime, and MTV. 

To interview Sekou Andrews and Steve Connell, contact Eileen Koch of EKC PR, a full-service Branding, Marketing and Public Relations firm at 310-441-1000 or


World Renowned Clinical Hypnotist, Scott McFall, Launches Online Hypnosis Service, My Hypnosis at Home

LOS ANGELESSept. 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — EKC PR client Scott McFall, a hypnotist with more than 30 years of experience in the groundbreaking field of clinical hypnosis, has recently launched his online hypnosis service, My Hypnosis at Home.

Helping to build and restore confidence, Scott delivers state-of-the-art hypnosis sessions in private residences to help people relieve stress, combat weight gain, smoking addictions, and more. Scott also offers expecting mothers an alternative to drug-induced anesthesia with his hypnotic childbirth.

In knowledgeable hands like Scott’s, hypnosis is a potent tool for greatness, with a growing body of evidence suggesting it to be a powerful method for those experiencing a variety of issues. No longer just an anomalous stage act, hypnosis has emerged an effective method to improve mental and physical health, with numerous physicians stating that it outcompetes standard therapies on cost, efficacy, and side-effects. 

My Hypnosis at Home begins with a free screening, where Scott utilizes his expertise to evaluate whether hypnosis is ideal for everyone. Having helped thousands hinder problems with his clinical hypnosis, Scott is uniquely positioned to help a person achieve their desired results.

“My Hypnosis at Home isn’t a magic wand that will heal all disease,” says Scott McFall. “However, it definitely offers a simple way to influence our thoughts and thinking, which dictates our overall behavior, growth, and health.”

Repeatedly hailed a miracle worker, many of Scott’s clients utilize him within their own successes.

Daniel Burow, a licensed psychologist and best-selling author, cites his time working with Scott in his 2021 book, A Bigger Picture as “incredibly life-changing and transformative”; while Dr Phil regular Julie Nise integrates Scott’s techniques in her work as a family therapist and motivational speaker.

Scott’s decades-long career began in entertainment through his captivating hypnosis and mentalism shows. His prowess in this arena led to him booking opening act performances for major celebrities, as well as being a keynote speaker for large corporations such as General Motors and Harley Davidson. Performing at an abundance of seminars as well, Scott not only garnered an esteemed reputation within the hypnotist and mentalist communities, but a strong client base for his private practice.

Additionally, Scott founded his groundbreaking organization, Master Hypnotist Society, where he provides hypnosis training to therapists, psychology practitioners, and others interested in learning his cathartic techniques.

Media Contact
Eileen Koch


TheWrap Collaborates with Award-Winning Writer, Director, Producer and Actress, Nell Teare, for Premiere of her New Film, “Bolivar”

The premiere will be held at the legendary Hollywood Legion Theater on Wednesday, August 31st.

LOS ANGELESAug. 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Entertainment outlet TheWrap is collaborating with award-winning writer, director, producer, and actress Nell Teare for the premiere of her directorial film debut, BolivarNell also stars in the film alongside veteran actor (and father of Chris PineRobert Pine, and FOX’s 9-1-1 star, Tracie Thoms

The premiere will be held at the Hollywood Legion Theater at 2035 North Highland Avenue on Wednesday, August 31st. Red carpet begins at 6:15pm, with the screening at 7:15pm, followed by a Q&A at 9:30pm.

A breathtaking accomplishment, Bolivar is an emotional drama that follows a woman named Maggie, as she deals with the devastating blow caused by the death of her mother. When Maggie’s addict brother shows up to wreak havoc on her life, she is forced to make sense of a new reality that may not be what it seems.

The new film keeps with a consistent thread in Nell’s past work – the exploration of the human condition. Stunning cinematography blends with the depth that Nell brings to her character, the result being a truly achingly beautiful examination of grief.

Hoping to inspire change through her films, Nell says, “Stories create the space for action. Behavior is influenced by understanding. Understanding the culture (collected stories) of a group of people using a focused curiosity is how I imagine a shift can be made. If we understand the ‘why’ we can set a new course for the ‘how’. I believe that telling new stories is the only way to ensure that life and evolution can continue.”

As a quadruple threat, Nell has worked in a diverse variety of creative mediums ranging from short films, book trailers, music videos, web series, and theatre productions. Her résumé boasts over 120 projects, including more than one dozen foreign language debuts for Netflix.

A native Texan, Nell graduated from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts. While there, she was cast in the original Broadway production of Memphis, which won the Tony Award for Best Musical. Now based in Los Angeles, Nell also directs book trailers for Film 14.

View the trailer for Bolivar.

To interview Nell Teare and cover the premiere of Bolivar, contact Eileen Koch of EKC PR at or 310-441-1000. 



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