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On April 10, 2019, Seventeen Magazine released an article that they had exclusively interviewed EKC PR client, David Palmer aka The Leo King, for. It has now been over 6 days since this editorial piece went live and it is still sitting atop the Seventeen website as their #1 trending article! Go David!!!

Does Justin Bieber’s Birth Chart Prove He and Selena Gomez Were Doomed From the Start?

The stars don’t lie ✨

It seems like Justin Bieber has been in the news a lot recently, making headlines for his relationship, his mental health, pretty much everything other than the thing that actually made him famous: his music. So, what’s really going on with the Biebs? What does his future have in store for him? And, most importantly, who should he really be with, Hailey or Selena? I chatted with Celebrity Astrologer David Palmer AKA The Leo King who looked at Justin Bieber’s birth chart and we got to the bottom of the singer’s behavior and took a look at what the stars have in store for him.


Let’s start with the basics. Justin is a Pisces, which means he’s very sensitive. Over the past year, Justin has been exposing this side of himself more and more to the public. In addition to his sensitivity, Palmer explains that Justin has a tendency to be “an extreme lover” when it comes to his relationships, so he often gets attached to people almost immediately.

“He attaches really quickly so it’s kind of important that he checks out who is it in his life that he’s connecting with because he almost gets emotionally pulled in very extremely and deeply and he’s kind of the person who’s 100% in,” explains Palmer. “Once he’s attached, he’s really attached.”

This would, of course, explain the whirlwind marriage to Hailey, which occurred just months after they began dating again.

Palmer explained that Justin has Scorpio rising, meaning there’s a secretive element to him. Recently, though, as he’s struggled with his mental health, Justin has allowed himself to be more vulnerable, discussing his journey with the public. This also relates to his Scorpio rising, which “is all about transformation,” according to Palmer. “He’s a morpher,” the Leo King said. “He morphs constantly into different energy, persona, looks, hairstyles, clothing. You really don’t know what you’re going to get.”

Justin’s ability to transform is made very clear when you look at the physical journey the pop star has taken since he first hit the music scene. From a boy next door to a tattoo covered, long-haired skater, and everything in between, Justin has experimented a lot with his style.

Finally. Justin’s moon is in Libra, which allows him to “emotionally appreciate people,” according to Palmer. “For him it’s in the 11th house of people, which means he actually cares about people, he cares about helping others.” Meanwhile, his sun is in the third house, or the house of communication. “It’s the house of needing to be constantly stimulated,” says Palmer. “So, for him, he has to deal a lot with how his mind operates and especially his mental health and anxieties.”


Anyone who is a fan of astrology knows that some people are more romantically compatible with others based on their signs. So, who’s more suited for Justin? Selena or Hailey?

Long story short, the answer is simple. “Hailey is a better match for him,” says Palmer.

This is because of Justin’s extreme sensitivity. While Hailey pushes him forward, Selena is just as sensitive, so when they were together they had a tendency to hold each other back.

“Hailey is very supportive and she also continues to keep him grounded,” Palmer explains. “She understands how to ground him, but she also understands how to keep him positive.” While the Leo King describes Selena as a “beautiful soul,” her own birth chart makes her a complicated companion.

“She’s a Cancer, she’s born on the last day of it, so that makes her almost like really extreme on the emotional end and sensitivity wise. She’s just as extreme as Justin.

On top of that, Hailey adds a little bit of adventure to Justin’s life. “Selena, believe it or not, is rather more old school energy,” Palmer explains. On the other hand, Hailey is “a little bit more wide open with kind of more rebellious ideas and more excitement that, I think, for him allows him the energy to feel more like he’s able to be whoever he wants: a sensitive guy with an edge.”

While Justin is used to women throwing themselves at him (I mean, he is Justin Bieber after all), Hailey makes him work for it a little bit. “She knows her value and her worth extremely well and I think for him, that’s something that he’s not used to.”

Imagine if Justin and Selena were together the past few months as the two of them both went through their mental health journeys. Who knows what would happen and if they both would come out the other end as successfully as they’re doing now? Palmer believes that part of the reason why Justin has been able to truly face his issues recently is because of Hailey. “I believe that Hailey actually is somebody that is in the background holding his heart together and helping him be more of an adult and kind of making him work for it a little bit, but doing it in a very graceful and beautiful and grounding way.”


So, Hailey and Justin are a good match, but does that mean they’re end game? Palmer isn’t so sure.


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