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Paris Wade and Ben Goldman: Young Political Duo Shaking Up Media & Digital World

Paris Wade and Ben Goldman


Ben Goldman and Paris Wade of Liberty Writers are living the new American dream! Just three years ago, the boys were scraping by as students with nothing but their entrepreneurial spirits, their passion for their country, and their talent for connecting with people. Now they run a full fledged business out of their Southern California home as the co-founders and CEOs of an engaging and influential political news website, marking only the beginning stages of their successful journey in this industry.

Ben Goldman and Paris Wade founded Liberty Writers in 2016, shortly after they both graduated college – Goldman from the University of Tennessee with a degree in Entrepreneurial Business Management, and Wade with a B.S. in Advertising and a minor in Business. Before embarking on Liberty Writers, Goldman had been working as COO and Head Editor at USA Liberty Media, LLC where he began writing political pieces for the news organization. Eventually, he decided to bring on board his good friend (and future Liberty Writers partner) Paris Wade and almost immediately, articles written by the two young men began achieving massive vitality. One in particular, the 2015 breaking news story of France’s response to ISIS’ Paris attack, received millions of views in a span of 2 hours, shutting down the website where it was posted due to high traffic.

After realizing their successes, Ben and Paris decided to venture out from USA Liberty Media, LLC to try their hand at running their own company together, and in August of 2016, Liberty Writers was formed. In a span of just a couple of months, the millennial duo managed to grow the website from the ground up where it has been consistently ranked by Alexa as one of the “Top 300″ websites in the United States. Currently, Liberty Writers reaches an average of over 20+ million unique visitors per month, with 2 million video views daily.

Ben and Paris credit their newfound success to keeping working conditions simplistic. The roommates/business partners have yet to rent professional office space, instead deciding to continue writing from their comfortable couch inside their shared beachside home. Literally attached at the hip are their laptops, as the pair move from den to kitchen to patio and back, working consistently from any room they can find sanctuary. The additional Liberty Writers staff can be found working out of guest bedrooms and utilizing a sizable closet to fill camera equipment, files, and other important tools, all of which make the Liberty Writers website operate.

The deliberate choice to work from home as opposed to a rented office frankly stems from Ben and Paris’ true passion for writing, and their love for the nation; qualities that have been at the forefront of these men’s lives since they were kids. It’s not about blustering over where their headquarters are stationed. It’s about the content itself, and having a homegrown atmosphere in which they do business and create in is something the pair thoroughly relish and appreciate. Those that know the boys personally are none too surprised at this decision, despite their recent career triumphs.

Ben and Paris are what you would surely call good old fashioned All-American men. To an outsider they may just be two more millennials living in Los Angeles, but their upbringing says differently. Ben himself is Texas-born and Tennessee-raised, who at a very young age began a fascination for politics when he read various writings by Benjamin Franklin, including Poor Richard’s Almanack. Finding leisure and interest into the depths of American history has always been Ben’s calling card. He inspires to change the world and improve his country, with no fear of voicing his opinions. Nevertheless, he always remembers to put the audience before himself. Utilizing the pen name Danny Gold, Ben’s writing style is humorous and honest, and his use of determined, bold headlines is what motivates millions of people to read his editorials.

Paris shares a similar Tennessee background with Ben, as well as an early exploration of American history. Growing up in the countryside, Paris immersed himself in reading American and World History books, and as he came of age, he realized he held a deep passion for the art of writing. Following graduation, Paris went on a winding career path, originally working in online video advertising. However, his true calling card had been found during the time he spent working at USA Liberty Media, LLC, and he hasn’t looked back since. Having a superior eye for impactful stories is what makes Paris one of the most talked about political writers today. His objective is to make real news entertaining, where people speak out on politics in relation to the ways the subject affects their personal lives. Under the pen name Paris Swade, his articles continue to encourage people to have a voice and stand up for their own opinions.

Since its launch, Liberty Writers continues to be a website that presents authentic and factual political news, but in a highly entertaining manner. With powerful growth overcast in just one year of business, the boys’ unstoppable and determined spirits permits them to foresee a future for Liberty Writers that will further expand the brand. Soon to come under the Liberty Writers umbrella is PEN (Political Entertainment Network), which will be similar in style to TMZ.

All in all, there is no stopping Ben Goldman and Paris Wade, and the impact these two polarizing figures are making nationally and digitally… all from the comfort of their own home!

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