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The Leo King’s Astrological Predictions on Billie Eilish for Seventeen

EKC PR client, David Palmer aka The Leo King is officially Seventeen Magazine‘s go-to astrologer!

Check out his 7th interview, this time on whether Billie Eilish’s birth chart predicts some “mind blowing” projects in the future.

Billie Eilish’s Birth Chart Predicts Some “Mind Blowing” Projects in the Singer’s Future

Plus, it explains why her relationship with Justin Bieber works so well.

Billie Eilish is currently living her best life. Her album is killing it, her hair is constantly changing colors, and her friendship with Justin Bieber is getting better by the minute. So, could the stars have predicted this success for Billie? And what does her birth chart say about her when it comes to her career and her relationships? I chatted with celebrity astrologer David Palmer AKA The Leo Kingabout what’s in store for the young singer.

What does Billie’s chart say about her?

When it comes to Billie Eilish’s birth chart, David believes the singer was born, not only to be in this position of fame, but also to also change the consciousness of the world. “It’s her destiny to show the world this new belief system,” he says, emphasizing that she is going to change the way society looks at celebrities by breaking barriers throughout what is expected to be a very long career. “She’s kind of like a radical, really intense creative power house. We haven’t even scratched the surface yet, this is just the beginnings of her.”

In fact, David equates Billie and her potential for fame and change-making to another major pop star, Madonna. “She’s doing what Madonna did in the ’80s,” he explains. “Kind of shifting the way we look at pop stars and how they express themselves.”

David is most interested in Billie’s ability to “bring beauty in the darker shades,” as he describes it. Billie’s aesthetic has always been edgier, her songs do have a darker, eerie feel to them, and The Leo King believes this is because Billie’s moon is in her eighth house, which brings about “more of a deeper intensity, a deeper passion, a deeper truth and a little bit of an edge.” Still though, Billie is able to control this aspect of herself, according to David. “She knows how to bring edge to a place that is not sharp enough to cut you,” David says.

And despite this edge, Billie is still an extremely positive person and this translates into her work and her reasons for making music, according to David. “She cares about people and she cares about things,” he says. “She cares more about the work than the fame aspect of it all. She just likes to express herself.”

What’s next for Billie?

So, an intensely creative, deep woman like Billie must have a some pretty exciting things ahead of her, right? David would say so, and many of them might not even involve music.

“She’s going to be morphing her creativity and career elements a lot,” he predicts. “I wouldn’t be surprised if she throws some different kind of work out there besides just music.”


Is Billie compatible with Justin Bieber?

Luckily, Billie has a lot of people by her side to help her through this transition into adulthood, like her recent collaborator, Justin Bieber.

He’s honestly the perfect person for Billie to turn to, considering he is one of the few people in this world who can relate to becoming famous at a young age. Not to mention, he’s a Pisces and she’s a Pisces rising with her mars in Pisces, according to David, meaning the two connect on a deeper level.

Obviously, they make great music together, as made apparent by the “Bad Guy” Remix. David thinks this has to do with their well-balanced work ethics. “There’s a fair give and take there because they’re two people who really mesh well,” he says. “Justin doesn’t feel like he has to hold up the weight, which he may be used to doing with other artists.” Billie, on the other hand, knows exactly what she wants to do, which Justin appreciates, and David believes that, because of this, they will continue to work together and create “a radical project together that will blow people’s minds.”

But don’t worry Jailey shippers, because Billie and Justin’s relationship is strictly platonic and professional. They both offer each other things that make for a really great friendship, according to David. He sees Justin as a mentor for Billie, to help her handle “this massive amount of fame and creativity at a young age.” At the same time, Billie seems to be bringing something “magical” to their partnership and collaboration that no one else has offered Justin before.

Is Billie going to find love soon?

So, will Billie find some love of her own? Obviously, she is still fairly young, and she’s busy creating incredible music and building up her career, but David does see a possible love connection on the horizon. He predicts that someone will come along in the last week of August or beginning of September, when she has relationship aspects in her chart. It won’t become real, however, until early 2020 when Jupiter leaves her sign, because until then, she will be more focused on herself and her career.

And it won’t be easy for this lucky person to break Billie’s shell. “Billie isn’t one to just jump into a relationship,” David says. “She’s very guarded. She needs to trust people. She will only open up to those that can really tap into her real personal life or emotions.”

Not to mention, that person has to be on the same level creatively. David suspects that Billie would click the most with someone who has the creativity and imagination that can match hers. “She’s definitely a sapiosexual,” he says.


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