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Redbook Quotes Relationship Expert Audrey Hope In Three Different Articles


Celebrity renowned relationship expert, addiction therapist, and EKC PR client Audrey Hope is really on a role! Just in the last year alone, she has been interviewed and quoted in over 100 articles regarding relationships, love, sex, and addiction for major online publications like Shape, E! Online, Marie Claire, Glamour, AskMen, FOX News, Bustle, SheKnows, The Cheat Sheet, The List, Brit + Co, Reader’s Digest, LiveStrong, MSN, and many more.

Since April, Audrey has lent her expertise for three articles on Redbook. Check them out below…

May 11, 2017

24 Little White Lies That Are Totally OK to Tell Your Spouse

“After a while in a relationship, you begin to notice their daily living habits, like socks on the floor, underwear by the bed, and dishes in the sink. You think maybe they grew up with a maid and now you’re the one to clean their mess. You can bring it up or if it’s a small thing, just bite the bullet and deal with it. (After all, they likely do the same for you.) If they ask you about it, feel free to tell a little white lie and say, ‘It’s fine.'” —Audrey Hope, relationship therapist in Brentwood, CA, and host of Hope For Relationships

“If your partner loves their car and you can’t stand it, it’s fine to tell a little white lie. Perhaps they talk endlessly about how they got it, where they wash it, and blah blah. Tell them it’s a beautiful car and you love riding in it. Ask questions about the model and how the ride can be so smooth. When they bring the subject up over and over again, just smile. It doesn’t hurt you and makes them feel loved. This can of course also apply to other things your spouse loves that you’re not as into as they are.” —Hope

“Perhaps your partner’s employees are not your cup of tea. But they are your spouse’s colleagues from work, so this is a time to be really unselfish and get to know them — and if that requires a white lie, so be it. When there’s an office party, have a cocktail beforehand to loosen up and talk to everyone. If you know your partner loves their coworkers, there’s no need to tell them how you really feel about these people.” —Hope

April 24, 2017

33 Ways to Battle Jealousy In Your Relationship

“Go into self-esteem therapy and start looking at your own trust issues. Who lied to you? And why don’t you trust yourself? Jealousy is your own mirror to show you your weakness. When you don’t trust another, the deeper core issue is that you don’t trust yourself. Only through this kind of investigation will you be free. It has nothing to do with the other person.” — Audrey Hope, relationship expert, host of the Hope For Relationships show and an addiction therapist at Seasons In Malibu rehab facility

“Become fabulous in your own self will help you stop obsessing about your partner. What matters is that you are the queen or king of your own life and know your worth. Then you will be able to say to yourself that if your partner cheats, or lies, then it is their loss.” — Hope 




April 14, 2017

34 Alternatives to Couples Therapy That Will Strengthen Your Relationship

“Make a date night that is cemented in stone. This can be any occasion where you spend time just the two of you talking and communicating without phones, computers, or televisions. Use this time to solve problems by speaking face to face and quietly looking into each other’s eyes.” —Audrey Hope, relationship expert, host of Hope For Relationships, and addiction therapist at Seasons In Malibu rehab facility

“One of the things I teach couples in trouble is the importance of boundaries. It’s essential to establish a clear set of rules and boundaries for your relationship. Often, couples fight because they let things slide without clarity. For fear of confrontation, they suffer from lack of communication and clarity. When you know where you stand and it’s talked about in the light of day, problems can be solved without a therapist.” —Hope

“Nature and movement can be excellent therapy. Take a walk together after dinner. Breathe the fresh air and clear your day by walking together and talking about issues, and general things that are on your mind.” —Hope


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