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Hollywood Stuntwoman & Fitness Expert ANDREA KINSKY Hosts Facebook Live For Health Magazine

EKC PR client Andrea Kinsky, who is a renowned celebrity, film/TV stuntwoman, personal trainer and fitness expert, hosted a Facebook Live workout today for Health Magazine!

Over the last 15+ years, Andrea has made quite the impact as one of Hollywood’s leading stuntwomen, and has served as a stunt double for various well-known actresses like Chloë Grace Moretz in Carrie (2013), Jessica Biel in Blade: Trinity, Emily Blunt in Wind Chill, Pamela Anderson in Scary Movie 3, and many more!

As a stunt performer who stands in for “tiny actresses,” Andrea knows first hand the techniques involved to build strength and muscle, without the bulky definition that most women generally don’t want.

Every exercise that Andrea partakes in must keep her body strong, but yet long and lean, so she can easily double for these women on screen.

During her Facebook Live with Health, Andrea conducted a very precise and easy upper body exercise routine for all ladies to follow at least 3x a week, every week! Focusing directly on building arm and shoulder strength, Andrea’s demonstrated moves are what helps her to stay in tip-top shape and able to perform rigorous stunts like high falls, being tossed downstairs, flying on wires, rock climbing, driving cars, motorcycles, you name it!

In the video, Andrea is using dumbbells weighing 8lbs and 5lbs but recommends that women who try this routine use 5lbs and 3lbs instead.

So if you want long, lean arm and shoulder muscles, as well as strength with no bulk, be sure and watch HERE!

Enjoy your workout :)


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