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Top Hollywood Post-Production House, Unbreakable Post Inc., Signs with EKC PR

Top Hollywood Post-Production House, Unbreakable Post Inc., Signs with EKC … read on

Film / Production Companies

Film PR / Production

EKC has helped award-winning production houses, filmmakers and up-and-coming teams alike publicize their content for new media, film, radio and television.

Showcasing Your Work

Our team goes out of the box to garner attention. Pitching you to festivals, organizing private screenings and securing attendance at other industry events, are all part of the promotional game.

Trending Topics

Independent filmmakers typically start with small budgets, but our knowledge of social media platforms and creative strategies means getting the word out no matter what. Through audience engagement and custom plans to grow your online following, we start the process of boosting ticket sales!

Network, Network, Network!

We pitch our clients for inclusion at top-tier red carpet and industry events with the purpose of introducing you to the public and other entertainment professionals. EKC looks for opportunities during awards season and all other times of the year to find affairs that are your perfect match!


Headquartered out of Los Angeles & Beverly Hills, CA, EKC PR is a full-service Publicist, Branding, Digital Marketing and Public Relations firm. When developing your plan, EKC PR assures optimal exposure and recognition with its services: Publicity, Brand Development, Marketing, Advertising, Product Placement, Media Relations, Photo Shoots / Electronic Press Kit Design, Crisis & Reputation Management, Sports, Product Launches, Television, Management, Consultation, Music, Hollywood Talent, Red Carpet / Special Events, plus much more.

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