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Walking With Anthony, Renowned Spinal Cord Injury Organization, Signs with EKC PR

Walking With Anthony, Renowned Spinal Cord Injury Organization, Signs with EKC PR

 The non-profit’s mission aims to raise funds, awareness, and relief for those suffering from a spinal cord injury (SCI), all to forever change recovery outcomes.

LOS ANGELES, January 11, 2022 / PRNewswire — L.A.-based public relations, marketing and branding firm, EKC PR, has recently signed the non-profit 501©3 SCI charity organization, Walking With Anthony (WWA), to its roster of clientele.


Founded by powerhouse mother and son duo, Micki and Anthony Purcell following Anthony’s tragic spinal cord injury in 2010, WWA was formed out of necessity after encountering first-hand the extreme, detrimental, emotional, and financial costs the impact of an SCI has on a person, including their families and loved ones.

“Unfortunately, insurance does not cover this horrific injury, and the medical society has in many ways abandoned the SCI community,” explains Micki Purcell. “It was imperative that I start WWA, not only for my son Anthony but for the many millions of people who also suffer with an SCI.”

“Approximately 1 in 50 people in the U.S. are like me; living with paralysis and confined to a wheelchair due to an SCI,” states Anthony Purcell. “Many are unable to afford the aid needed to recover or live a normal life because the cost of physical therapy at a minimum is $100K, and expanding to as much as $500K annually. Our organization provides immediate assistance and resources to these individuals.”

WWA aids beneficiaries with financial assistance through fundraisers, financial grants, SCI medical research, legal resources, community awareness, and medical care (i.e. hospital expenses, therapy/rehab, caregiving, etc.). The organization is dedicated to assisting through every avenue in one’s rehabilitation journey and recognizes that no matter the circumstances or disability, a person’s life should never be limited.

Recently, SoCal football coach Jimmy Nolan’s wife, Taran Nolan, was thrust into the SCI community, overwhelmed and distraught after a car crash left her paralyzed and her beautiful three-year-old daughter deceased. Walking With Anthony has been instrumental in helping support and aid Taran’s recovery/life-adjustment process, as Jimmy had to quit work.

WWA is an advocate for change in the SCI world and to date has raised over $4M for beneficiaries, a number that continues to rise with every passing year.

You can support Walking With Anthony, and individuals living with an SCI, by simply texting “WWA” to 91999.

Visit and follow WWA on Instagram: @walkingwithanthony. #IWalkWithAnthony

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