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Let’s face it! Snobs know best!

LOS ANGELES, July 23, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Cole Moscatel and his wife Kelsea Moscatel of new upscale, trendsetting lifestyle platform Snob World are jet-setters of the finest order. Who better to announce a chic, durable, and innovatively-designed fleet of elite luggage? 

“Today, Kelsea and I are thrilled to announce our line of stylish, heavy-duty luggage that’s affordable for everyone,” Cole Moscatel said. 

“We travel all around the world and know first hand what makes for a great piece of luggage,” Kelsea Moscatel adds. “Our suitcases and other baggage items will be constructed to perfection, utilizing what we personally know works, and what we know doesn’t work.”

Snob World’s sleek line of luggage will officially launch in the next 6 months and will be available for purchase on the Snob World website with a no-hassle return policy. This premiere offering will be personally designed by Cole and Kelsea, balancing durability with style. Snob World also plans to launch a variety of collections to accommodate various travel needs, including those of on-the-go parents who travel with their kids. 

Childhood sweethearts Cole & Kelsea, are now intrepid entrepreneurs, well-heeled travelers, and pro-parents themselves who have carefully curated an exclusive, family-friendly travel and lifestyle experience online replete with highly informative photos, videos, and sage commentary. As the hottest destination brand for luxury travel and lifestyle advice that presents varying perspectives (husband’s, wife’s, dad’s, mom’s, children’s), Snob World is for everyone who doesn’t just want what anyone can have!

Be sure to check out:

Snob World — @snob_world

Cole Moscatel — @colemoscatel

Kelsea Moscatel — @iamthesnob


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Respected world travelers, Cole Moscatel and Kelsea Moscatel have partnered in the elite taste-making venture, Snob World. Wanting to create a difference by building an ingenious brand that enriches lives around the globe, Snob World, a luxurious store, travel and lifestyle blog, is a prime source for chic luxury living. It offers direct access inside Cole and Kelsea’s opulent travels where they highlight the coolest and most lavish hotels & resorts, restaurants, fashion, family travel tips, and thrilling things to do; as well as tricks for traveling solo, as a couple, group, or with children.  



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