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Featuring an unparalleled 25 year history of success, EKC (Eileen Koch & Company INC.) is a full-service Branding, Marketing, Consulting and Public Relations Specialist. We handle clients from a variety of industries such as entertainment, beauty, fashion, retail stores, restaurants, sports, medicine, corporate sectors and more.

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Entertainment for Fashion


EKC stays on the lookout for opportunities to showcase designers and stylists who have a keen eye for trends, an innovative redesign of old styles, or groundbreaking ideas that change the cultural landscape.

All Entertainment Services


Headquartered in Los Angeles, EKC (Eileen Koch & Company INC.) is a full-service Branding, Marketing and PR firm that defines Public Relations. When developing your plan, EKC assures optimal exposure and recognition with its services: Publicity, Brand Development, Marketing, Advertising, Product Placement, Media Relations, Photoshoots/Electronic Press Kit Design, Crisis & Reputation Management, Sports, Product Launches, Television, Management, Consultation, Music, Hollywood Talent, Red Carpet / Special Events, plus much more.

Publicity | Brand Development | Marketing | Advertising | Product Placement | Media Relations | Social Media Management | Photo Shoots | Press Kit Design | Crisis & Reputation Management | Product Launches | Television | Management | Consultation | Music | Hollywood Talent | Red Carpet | Special Events