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Featuring an unparalleled 27 year history of success, Eileen Koch & Company Inc. (EKC PR) is a full-service Branding, Marketing, Consulting and Public Relations Specialist. We handle clients from a variety of industries such as entertainment, beauty, fashion, retail stores, restaurants, sports, medicine, corporate sectors and more.

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Entertainment for Models


Eileen Koch has started and advanced the careers of international icons such as Milla Jovovich, Marisa Miller, Irina Voronina, Jayde Nicole and many others. We maintain relationships with the editors, agencies, stylists, and industry shows that help us further your career.

All Entertainment Services


Headquartered in Beverly Hills, CA, Eileen Koch & Company Inc. (EKC PR) is a full-service Branding, Marketing and PR firm that defines Public Relations. When developing your plan, EKC PR assures optimal exposure and recognition with its services: Publicity, Brand Development, Marketing, Advertising, Product Placement, Media Relations, Photoshoots/Electronic Press Kit Design, Crisis & Reputation Management, Sports, Product Launches, Television, Management, Consultation, Music, Hollywood Talent, Red Carpet / Special Events, plus much more.

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