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Rachele Brooke Smith in REAP Mediazine!

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Why does REAP Mediazine call Rachele Brooke Smith a “Renaissance Woman?” The multi-talented artist gives us a firsthand look at what drives her ambition, passion and burgeoning career!

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EKC at Coachella!


EKC wishes our staff a fun and exciting Coachella weekend!


EDM Recording Artist Cheryl Reid Spins a Tale for “The Examiner”

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What inspires and motivates Cheryl Reid? Her music is created to make others move. It comes from a place of strength and her mission is to empower women to embrace their wild sides!
Read all about Cheryl and how she can make you “Move Your Sexy Body” at the following link:



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HOT from Koch

Eileen Koch & Company Inc. Welcomes Cenegenics of Beverly Hills, Leading Center of Age Prevention and Healthy Living

LOS ANGELES, CA–(Marketwired – Mar 18, 2014) – EKC proudly announces representation of Cenegenics Beverly Hills, Los Angeles’ first age management & hormone replacement center. Founded in 2014, the company is revolutionizing our culture’s attitude towards aging and health by offering innovative, out-of-the-box programs custom-tailored to improve one’s long-term well being. Cenegenics combines traditional methods such as fitness training and diet planning with treatments designed to combat hormone deficiencies that occur naturally as we get older, resulting in reduced risks of age-related conditions, higher mental functioning, increased strength and stamina, and an upswing in emotional health.

“When I reached middle age I realized there was a better way to deal with health than the medical paradigm I had been taught in medical school,” says Dr. Paul Campion, MD, and President of Cenegenics California. “I like to think that we still honor our elderly. What better way to help them than to teach everyone early enough how to do it healthfully and gracefully?”

Cenegenics’ comprehensive package begins with a thorough examination of the body. Their Elite Health Evaluation establishes an individual’s hormonal, metabolic, nutritional and physical baseline. These results are then used to develop a medical program (including fitness, nutrition tips and careful monitoring) specifically tailored to maximize long-term benefit in accordance with the client’s personal needs.

The Cenegenics’ team also includes James Grogan, Director of Operations – California, and Jenn Zerling, Fitness & Nutrition Counselor, who relish the opportunity to combine their passions for health with the scientific angle of their company. Each member brings a unique skill set and wealth of experience to meet their clients’ aspirations.
EKC highly anticipates and looks forward to the benefits that Cenegenics will undoubtedly have on Beverly Hills and the greater Los Angeles community!

Follow Cenegenics on Twitter @CenegenicsCA and “Like” their official Facebook page!

For more information, or to interview the Cenegenics team, contact Eileen Koch of EKC, a full-service Branding, Marketing and PR firm at 310.441.1000 or email Visit


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HOT from Koch

Elizabeth Yoder Wins “Best Actor” at 8th Annual Beaufort International Film Festival for The Long Wait

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Eileen Koch & Company INC. (EKC) welcomes filmmaker and philanthropist Elizabeth Yoder, who recently won “Best Actor” at the 8th Annual Beaufort International Film Festival for her captivating portrayal of Grace in the short drama The Long Wait, written and directed by multi-award winner Wolfgang Bodison. Sparking high emotion amongst the festival’s audience, The Long Wait also won the Ribaut Award for “Best Short Film.” Festival winners included notables such as two-time Academy Award Winning editor Arthur Schmidt (Forest Gump & Who Framed Roger Rabbit.)

Elizabeth created the film alongside Director Wolfgang Bodison, who helped encapsulate the personal tragedy that served as inspiration for the film’s plot. Bodison was recognized with “Best Director” for the project at the Playhouse West Film Festival in September 2013.

The Long Wait mirrors Elizabeth’s real-life emotional hardship of losing her father as a child to a drunk driver and explores themes of loss, grief, anger and redemption. It confronts the challenges of controlling emotional hardships and what can occur when they are left unresolved.

“As a girl, I was faced with the dilemma to settle my score with the drunk driver who killed my father,” Elizabeth stated. “In my heart, I felt deep hatred and no desire to forgive him.”

Elizabeth created Elevating Hope, a foundation that helps the bereaved transition through grief and suffering to find acceptance, forgiveness and healing. The documentary Mary’s Story details real-life events from Yoder’s journey and was produced in support of The Foundation.

“One of my sources of inspiration is Eminem, who has the courage to use his pain, suffering and struggles to create art,” she says. “For years I wanted the bravery of Eminem’s ability to openly share my deepest, darkest secrets and pain.”

The Long Wait is en route to becoming a feature film and Elizabeth is currently writing a tell-all-book. To this day, she remains fascinated by those who push boundaries and live outside of what society considers “normal” or “acceptable.”

Follow Elizabeth on Twitter and Instagram @ElizabethYoder_ and “Like” her on Facebook!



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Jay-Z’s 40/40 Club, Milla Jovovich, Carmen Electra, Jamie Foxx, Marnette Patterson, Brandon Jay Mclaren, James Arnold Taylor, Brandon Davis, Sonia Rockwell, Mystery (PUA), Keith Dallas, Isabella Blake Thomas, Heidi Androl, Sol Romero, Laura Bryna, Deanna Shapiro,Karen Thomas, Vikram Chatwal, Jayde Nicole,

Guess? Marciano, Tim Riley (VP of Music Affairs for Activision/Blizzard), Reliance MediaWorks, Edgar Rice Burroughs Inc., Suarez Corporation Industries, Softline Home Fashions, United States Citizen Association, Morningside Recovery, Gurbaksh Chahal INC, Dev Express INC, Funding Factory INC, FilmLook, Role Entertainment, Boccardi Capital Systems INC., BBX INC, Locali Conscious Convenience, Blue Lithium, Kallissa Productions, Ckrush Entertainment, AWKO LAW, Lewis Circle INC., Best Foot Forward INC., Jay Kordich, Vos International Inc., Galactic Entertainment, The Morgan Agency, Slimsense Inc., Kathy Wilson-Duprey of Life Leadership LLC, Mehow, EeWorld Interactive, Inc. (EWIN), Mojo Entertainment, Brain Party TM “Mathmosis”, Catherine Cardinal, The Warehouse, Iain Stewart/Whole World of Property Sale, Self Help Works, Laurie Adams/E’Terra, Ugly Ted, Hollywood Park Casino, Phoenix Consulting, William Mark Corporation, Gobble Green, Jennifer Colli

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Angelica Bridges, Marisa Miller, Nabilla, Jaime Wilson, Samantha Burke, Palm Girls, Hoyt Richards, Heidi Androl, Stacy Hayes, Monica Hanson, Jennifer Shirley, Ashli Degenford, Jayde Nicole

Vince Neil (Motley Crue), Tim Riley (VP of Music Affairs for Activision/Blizzard), Tony Lucca/N’SYNC Final Tour, Liz Imperio/Imperio Productions, Brandon Alan, TJ Doyle, Pattie Brooks, Lewis Rocc (a.k.a. Robbie Brent of One Direction), Reggie Calloway, Casely and the Jank, Laura Bryna, Abrina, Cris Judd, Eddie Garcia, Chris Rosa, Keith Young, Karian Recording Studios, Larry Rudolph, Angelica Bridges, Hinton Battle (3x Tony Award Winner), Brian Wright and the Waco Tragedies, Starbrite Music Supervision, Kourosh Zolani, Neil Comess-Daniels, Alyssa Anjelica James, Sitting Dove, Imani Chyle, Nikki Lund, Barbarian Overlords, Justin Abrams, LIda Djarar

VH1 – The Pick Up Artists, Extreme Frontiers: USA, MTV – NEXT, MTV – Date My Mom, Masque, Nancy Glass Productions, The Amazing Race, Ryan Danz, Snakes on a Plane ~ Young Hollywood Awards, Breakthrough Awards, InDemand Television, Showtime, Nash Entertainment, Star Search, Sam Riddle Entertainment, Livin Large, Mehow.TV, Breakout Entertainment, Leopard Films, Foxy Films, Maisha Gainer, The Poor Chef TV Show, Patricia Weber, iBC / E! Television, Rich Tola / “Boulevard Zen”, Hornick Films, Deanna Shapiro, Patricia Weber (writer), Mother-in-Law-Hell, Late Rounders Documentary, Jones The Series, Party Crashers Documentary

Fashion World
Eric Archibald (Stylist to Jennifer Hudson), Lorena Sarbu, LA Models, NY Models, Elite Modeling Agency, Perfect Ten Magazine, Alyce Designs, Linda Masquefa, Amanda Eliasch/Genlux Magazine, BTNS, Heinz Hoba, Pucci Bag, BoxEight, Joey Tierney, Rosaline Hampton, Heraldry Clothing, Sugarlime, Trunkettes, What Would Your Mother Do?, A Lot To Say, Bella Bambino, 1mouth1voice, Nikki Lund, MOVintage

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Arquitectonica, Studio Lux/Christopher Thompson David Applebaum, Leslie Ezelle, Laurie Fraser, Randy Bernard

Brazilian Blowout, Cristophe Hair Salon, Corey Powell (top colorist at the Sally Hershberger Salon), Allen Edwards, Jose Eber, Fred Segal HAIR, Aida Thibiant Spa, Jonathan’s Hair Salon, Petra Van Essen Beauty Spa , Bobby Joy Studios, Thierry Pourtoy Makeup, Jeremy Hair Salon, Coif Salon, Rosaline Hampton, Ripar Cosmetics

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The Kerry Rhodes Foundation, Now Let’s Get Fit, Last Chance for Animals, Bekind Organization, Amanda Foundation, Athletes and Entertainers, The Hannah Rose Foundation, Los Angeles Firemen, Children’s Museum, Camp Laurel, Impact Nation, Tree People, The Fund for Women Artists, Teleton, Bridges of Harmony, HeartBEATS Foundation, Save The Children, Paws/LA, The Shayla Foundation

Fine Art/Authors
Robin Maxwell, Jon Land,  Amanda Eliasch, Gurbaksh Chahal, Derek O’Neill, Vladimir Vitkovsky, Timothy Yarger Fine Arts, Chris Lattanzio, Patricia Weber, Dr. Catherine Cardinal, Sabrina Mesko, Alan Amron

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Four Seasons Hotel – New York ~ Four Seasons Hotel – Los Angeles, Palms Hotel, Aladdin Hotel- Las Vegas ~ Dream Hotel

Internet Businesses, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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Vince Neil’s Girls Girls Girls, Tease Las Vegas/LA, Barlesk, Brian Wright and the Waco Tragedies, Point Break LIVE!

Dr. Frank Ryan, Dr. Robert Rifkin, Dr. William Toth, Cenegenics, Dr. Stanley Frileck, Dr. Randal Haworth, Dr. Cynthia Boxrud, Beverly Hill Plastic Surgery INC., Lasky Clinic, A Center for Visioncare, Cenegenics Medical Institute, Dr. Peter Pressman, Dr. Richard Frieder, Dr. Gabriel Gordon, Dr. Bobbie McDonald, Dr. Janine Suvak, Dr. Amber Andersen

Production Firms
It’s The Comeback Kids, Breakout Entertainment, Big Earth Productions, Leopard Films, New Wave Productions, 3Ball Productions, Red Label Media Group, Hornick Films, Jenkev Productions, Live Oak Productions

Jay-Z’s 40/40 Club, Da Pasquales, Blu Jam Cafe, Mirabelle Restaurant, Elaine’s Bakery & Cafe, Busbys, Matteo’s, Tribeca, The Cabana Club, White Lotus, The Big Chill

Chefs/Food Industry
Erika Monroe Williams ”The Hopeless Housewife,” Kai Chase, The Lime Truck (featured on Food Network)

Retail Stores
Fred Segal, Ron Herman, LXR & Co., Endless Youth and Life – Beverly Hills, Lorena Sarbu Boutiques, TreeFrogs, Fifi and Romeo, Petals, Riot

Special Events/Red Carpet
Reliance MediaWorks Hollywood Gala at Four Seasons Hotel Beverly Hills, Opening of Palms Hotel, Post Grammy Party, Dream Hotel, NY, Elite Model Look of the Year, LA Model and NY Model Search, Perfect 10 Magazine, Perfect 10 Model of the Year, Perfect 10 Halloween Party and Lingerie Ball, Model Boxing, Vince Neil’s Girls Girls Girls, Angelica Bridges “Barlesk” at The Cabana Club, Tease Las Vegas/ LA, Press Conferences for Laila Ali and Cedric Kushner, Los Angeles Fireman Event, Jamie Foxx Superbowl Party, Horizon Event Management, EYAL opening Beverly Hills, Amanda Eliasch/Book Event, Hollywood Park Casino

Kerry Rhodes (NFL Free Safety), Josh Hansen, Derek Fisher, John Conner, Laila Ali, Michael Buffer, Emmanuel Steward, Lou DiBella, Gary Shaw, Cedric Kushner, Christie Martin, Lennox vs. Klitschko Heavyweight Fight, Bob Sapp, Ashley Conrad, HOF Player (Sports Management Company), Rehan Jalali, Windsor Fitness Studio, Model Boxing, K1 Organization, Anywhere Sports Productions, GameTime Sports International (GSI), Revolution Fighting Championship (RFC), Jacqueline Gagne (hole in one champion), Ramona Cox a.k.a. SKYCHICK, Mike Heatile, Rebecca Kordecki, The Golf Championships/Armada Sports and Entertainment

Eileen Koch & Company INC. discovered and developed Milla Jovovich as a young girl and managed her career for more than 3 years, securing her early roles in film and fashion. EKC was responsible for Milla’s first movies and placement in magazine covers and played an integral part in the growth of her success as we know it today.

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